Learning from Live Theater

Students realize gains in knowledge, tolerance, and more

Rethinking the 
High School Diploma

Education Next talks with 
Chester E. Finn, Jr., Richard D. Kahlenberg and Sandy Kress

the Education 

A conversation with
 Netflix CEO Reed Hastings

Criticizing Charter Schools for Lacking Diversity and Unions Misses the Point

A review of A Smarter Charter by Richard D. Kahlenberg and Halley Potter

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Diplomas Must Recognize College and Career Readiness

Forum: Rethinking the High School Diploma

Hold Students Accountable and Support Them

Forum: Rethinking the High School Diploma

Different Kids Need Different Credentials

Forum: Rethinking the High School Diploma

The Force Behind Sisulu-Walker

A review of Mary C. Bounds’ “A Light Shines in Harlem: New York’s First Charter School and the Movement It Led”

Expand Your Reach

New-world role combines coaching teachers and teaching students


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Ten Things To Know About The CCSSO-CGCS Testing Plan

The organization of state superintendents and the organization of big urban school districts will work together to audit the number and types of tests administered and develop new systems that are leaner and more integrated.

The Twenty-Five Richest Elementary Schools in the Richest Region of the Country

At one elementary school, the average income is almost $250,000 per year. Is this school really more “public” than an inner-city Catholic school serving poor minority children? The public spends $12,000 per child on the former and $0 per child on the latter. Tell me again why that’s fair?

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Why Increasing Content is Tough in Montgomery County Public Schools

10/20/14 | Washington Post

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Montgomery County's Elementary School Curriculum: Where's the Beef?

Education Next

A high-achieving school district gives a complicated answer to a parent who wonders why his first grader is not learning much science and social studies content.

Parent-Trigger Group Touts Student Academic Gains, Though Data Limited

10/15/14 | Education Week

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Pulling the Parent Trigger

Education Next

Parent Revolution says that test score data from two parent-trigger schools in California looks encouraging. Ben Austin of Parent Revolution and Mike Petrilli of the Fordham Institute debate the merits of parent-trigger legislation in Ed Next.

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What We’re Watching: State of the Union 2014 – Education

As part of Stanford University’s State of the Union 2014 course, Randi Weingarten, Linda Darling-Hammond and Chester Finn discuss the current state of education reform.

Ed Next Book Club: Laurence Steinberg on Age of Opportunity

Mike Petrilli talks with Laurence Steinberg about his new book on what science tells us about adolescence.

Press Releases and Announcements
Experimental Study Shows Major Benefits for Students Who Attend Live Theater

Culturally enriching field trips increase knowledge, tolerance, and the ability to read emotions of others

Substantial Opportunities for Improving Teacher Evaluations Lie in the Area of Classroom Observations

Researchers recommend adjusting classroom observation scores for student demographics, using observations conducted by trained external observers


The Hoover Institution at Stanford University - Ideas Defining a Free Society

Harvard Kennedy School Program on Educational Policy and Governance

Thomas Fordham Institute - Advancing Educational Excellence and Education Reform