• Strengthening the Roots of the Charter-School Movement

    How the mom-and-pops can help the sector diversify and grow

  • Interpreting the 2017 NAEP Reading and Math Results

    Education Next has released a series of posts analyzing the 2017 results from the National Assessment of Educational Progress.

  • Trump and the Nation’s Schools

    Assessing the administration’s early impact on education

  • Unlocking the Science of How Kids Think

    A new proposal for reforming teacher education

  • An Elite Grad-School Degree Goes Online

    Can Georgia Tech’s virtual master’s increase access to education?

  • Debating Obama-Era Guidance on School Discipline

    Should the Trump administration retain, revise, or rescind?

What We’re Watching: NAEP, A Nation at Risk, and the Future of Education Reform

On April 25, 2018 at 1:30 PM, the Hoover Institution, the Fordham Institute, and Education Next will host a panel discussion on the progress ed reform has made since the 1980s and what the latest NAEP scores suggest about America’s future.

The Education Exchange: Chris Sununu and Education Reform in New Hampshire

New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu joins Paul E. Peterson to discuss efforts to bring education savings accounts and full-day kindergarten to his state.

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