Rethinking the 
High School Diploma

Education Next talks with 
Chester E. Finn, Jr., Richard D. Kahlenberg and Sandy Kress

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A conversation with
 Netflix CEO Reed Hastings

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A New Breed of Journalism

Education coverage is on the rise

Diplomas Must Recognize College and Career Readiness

Forum: Rethinking the High School Diploma

Hold Students Accountable and Support Them

Forum: Rethinking the High School Diploma

Different Kids Need Different Credentials

Forum: Rethinking the High School Diploma

The Force Behind Sisulu-Walker

A review of Mary C. Bounds’ “A Light Shines in Harlem: New York’s First Charter School and the Movement It Led”


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A Smarter Charter: A Response to Nelson Smith

We welcome the chance to respond to Nelson Smith’s review of our book, particularly on issues of teacher voice, diversity and achievement.

A Smarter Charter: A Response to Kahlenberg and Potter

I salute the authors for their extensive reporting on how charters are solving some of the toughest problems on their plate. But in order to justify their proposed remedies, they portray chartering as a nearly-terminal case, rather than as a robust movement.

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An American School Immerses Itself in All Things Chinese

10/26/14 | New York Times

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The Rope With Which We Hang Ourselves

Education Next

The New York Times looks at a Chinese-immersion charter school in Minneapolis. Chester Finn is critical of American schools accepting support from the Chinese government for instruction in Chinese and about China.

This School Paid Teachers $125,000 a Year — and Test Scores Went Up

10/24/14 | Vox

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Scrap the Sacrosanct Salary Schedule

Education Next

Math scores rose at a new charter school that pays all its teachers $125,000 a year. Jacob Vigdor looks at problems with the salary schedules that govern pay for most teachers

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What We’re Watching: What Now for the Common Core?

AEI hosted a discussion on October 22 on where things stand with the Common Core and how its future looks. Panelists were Rick Hess, Catherine Gewertz, and Chris Minnich.

What We’re Listening To: This American Life on School Discipline

This week’s episode of This American Life tells stories of how schools handle misbehaving kids.

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Experimental Study Shows Major Benefits for Students Who Attend Live Theater

Culturally enriching field trips increase knowledge, tolerance, and the ability to read emotions of others

Substantial Opportunities for Improving Teacher Evaluations Lie in the Area of Classroom Observations

Researchers recommend adjusting classroom observation scores for student demographics, using observations conducted by trained external observers


The Hoover Institution at Stanford University - Ideas Defining a Free Society

Harvard Kennedy School Program on Educational Policy and Governance

Thomas Fordham Institute - Advancing Educational Excellence and Education Reform