In Defense of Snow Days

Students who stay home when school is in session are a much larger problem

We’re All Art Teachers

Don’t try to quantify its worth

States Raise Proficiency Standards in Math and Reading

Commitments to Common Core may be driving the proficiency bar upward

A Breakout Role for Teachers

Excerpts from The Cage-Busting Teacher

How Many Charter Schools is Just Right?

Education Next talks with Scott Pearson, John H. “Skip” McKoy, and Neerav Kingsland

Was Moynihan Right?

What happens to children of unmarried mothers

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The New Orleans Case for All-Charter School Districts

Across the country, children in urban districts are being denied rich, rigorous educational opportunities.

D.C. Students Benefit from Mix of Charter and Traditional Schools

Charter schools are revolutionizing public schooling in Washington, D.C. In just 18 years, charter schools have grown from an initial 5 to 112 schools today, managed by 61 nonprofit organizations.

Fool’s Gold

Office of Civil Rights takes on school finance

More Harm Than Good

A review of “Please Stop Helping Us: How Liberals Make It Harder for Blacks to Succeed,” by Jason L. Riley

A Tribute to Martha Derthick

With Martha Derthick’s passing on January 12, 2015, America lost one of its preeminent scholars of American politics.


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The Gender Gap in Reading

The gender gap is large, worldwide, and persistent through the K-12 years. What should be done about it? Maybe nothing.

The Death of the Think Tank, R.I.P.

Think tanks have chosen to focus almost exclusively on advocacy efforts, not realizing that effective advocacy requires generating new, high-quality information.

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On Top of the News

Charter-School Head Says City’s Transfer Kids Can’t Keep Up

3/25/15 | New York Daily News

Behind the Headline

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in the news

Backfilling Charter Seats: A Backhanded Way to Kill School Autonomy

Education Next

When seats open up in charter schools mid-year, should those spots be filled by students on the waiting list, or should they be allowed to remain empty?

Schools Nationwide Struggle with Substitute Teacher Shortage

3/20/15 | Associated Press

Behind the Headline

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No Substitute for a Teacher

Education Next

School districts are reporting struggles to find enough substitute teachers as the unemployment rate improves. June Kronholz looks at at the quality of teaching that takes place when teachers are absent.

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What We’re Watching: Incorporating Noncognitive Skills into Education Policy

On Tuesday, March 31, from 10-11:30 a.m., the Brown Center on Education Policy will host an event looking at what policymakers need to know about how noncognitive skills like grit can be cultivated.

What We’re Listening To: Meet the Teachers Crazy Enough to Teach Middle School

WNYC series looks at what it is like to be 12 years old.

Press Releases and Announcements
School Closings Due to Bad Weather Have Little to No Effect on Student Achievement

But individual absences caused by weather when schools don’t close have negative effects on achievement

Twenty States Increased Academic Proficiency Standards between 2011 and 2013

For the first time since the passage of No Child Left Behind, state standards have risen; all states that show strong improvements have adopted Common Core


The Hoover Institution at Stanford University - Ideas Defining a Free Society

Harvard Kennedy School Program on Educational Policy and Governance

Thomas Fordham Institute - Advancing Educational Excellence and Education Reform