Match Corps Goes National

Successful high-dosage tutoring model spreads to other schools

Does Better Observation Make Better Teachers?

New evidence from a 
teacher evaluation pilot in Chicago

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Wrong Diagnosis on Homework Help from Parents

A review of “The Broken Compass: Parental Involvement with Children’s Education” by Keith Robinson and Angel L. Harris

Modern Maturity for Charter Schools

Litigation shows they have arrived

Common Core in the Classroom

New standards help teachers create effective lesson plans

Disruptive Innovation in Practice

A review of Michael B. Horn’s and Heather Staker’s “Blended: Using Disruptive Innovation to Improve Schools”

A New Breed of Journalism

Education coverage is on the rise


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Don’t Confuse Jargon with Rigor

Elementary school English language arts classrooms have long been in the thrall of nonsensical jargon.

Stump Speech Contest: What Members of Congress Should Say About Testing

Here are some “talking points” that members of Congress might use when the testing issue comes up at town hall meetings and the like.

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No Resolution to Annual-Testing Debate After First NCLB Reauthorization Hearing

1/21/15 | Politics K-12 (Ed Week)

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Fixing No Child Left Behind: Oral Testimony of Martin West

Education Next

Six witnesses explained the pros and cons of annual testing at a Senate hearing on fixing No Child Left Behind. In his testimony, Ed Next editor Marty West was one of the witnesses.

A Rescue Plan for the Black Family

1/19/15 | New York Daily News

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Was Moynihan Right?

Education Next

Paul Peterson looks at the ways in which the welfare state has contributed to a steep increase in single-parent families. An Ed Next article looks at the impact on kids of growing up in a single-parent family.

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What We’re Watching: Condi Rice on Education As National Security Challenge

Jeb Bush announced yesterday that he was handing over control of his education foundation to Condoleezza Rice. In this PBS interview from March 2012, Rice discussed a report linking education to national security.

What We’re Listening To: Senate Committee Hearing on Fixing NCLB

The Senate HELP committee will look at how to fix the testing and accountability provisions of No Child Left Behind.

Press Releases and Announcements
50 Years after the Moynihan Report, More than One-Quarter of Young Black Males Are Neither Employed nor Enrolled in School or Vocational Training

The incarceration rate for young black men without a high school diploma rose from 10 percent in 1980 to 37 percent by 2008

In the U.S., Nearly a Quarter of All Children Live with an Unmarried Mother

50 years after the Moynihan Report, the percentage of children in mother-only families has risen from around 25% to 50% among blacks, and around 7% to 19% among whites.


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