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    Paul T. Hill is the John and Marguerite Corbally Professor at the University of Washington Bothell and Director of the Center on Reinventing Public Education, which develops, tests, and helps communities adopt alternative governance systems for public K-12 education. He is a non-resident Senior Fellow at the Brookings and Hoover Institutions and directed the National Working Commission on Choice in K-12 Education. Dr. Hill chairs the National Charter School Research Project and leads its Charter School Achievement Consensus Panel, which authored the influential white paper, Key Issues in Studying Charter Schools and Achievement: A Review and Suggestions for National Guidelines (May 2006). Dr. Hill's current work on public education reform focuses on school choice, finance, accountability, and charter schools. His books include Charter Schools Against the Odds (2006); Making School Reform Work: New Partnerships for Real Change (2004); Charter Schools and Accountability in Public Education (2002); It Takes A City: Getting Serious About Urban School Reform (2000); and Fixing Urban Schools (1998). He is the lead author (with Lawrence Pierce and James Guthrie) of Reinventing Public Education: How Contracting Can Transform America’s Schools (1997). That book concludes that public schools should be operated by independent organizations under contract with public school boards, rather than by government bureaucracies. His ideas profoundly influenced the Education Commission of the States 1999 national commission report, Governing America's Schools. Dr. Hill holds a Ph.D. and M.A. from Ohio State University and a B.A. from Seattle University, all in political science.


Can We Get Governance Right?

How to fix public education governance in the United States is not a new question.

A Foundation Goes to School

Bill and Melinda Gates shift from computers in libraries to reform in high schools

Winter 2006 / Vol. 6, No. 1

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Rumors of Death Premature: Portfolio Management Still Alive and Kicking in New Orleans

Can the portfolio strategy in New Orleans still fog a mirror, or is it dead as Jay Greene has just announced? It looks pretty lively, with all public school kids in charter schools and results improving steadily.


A Response to “Breaking the Mold”

Mike Kirst’s review of our book, A Democratic Constitution for Public Education, is insightful and constructive and raises important questions about how our proposal would work in practice.

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