Robert Maranto

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    Robert Maranto is professor of education reform at the University of Arkansas.


The Softer Side of ‘No Excuses’

A view of KIPP schools in action

WINTER 2014 / VOL. 14, NO. 1

Finishing Touches

If school vouchers bettered the educational opportunities only of children who use the vouchers to attend private schools or schools in another district, many reformers would be left holding cups half empty.

Winter 2001 / Vol. 1, No. 4

Lobbying in Disguise

Do Charter Schools Measure Up? The Charter School Experiment After 10 Years by the American Federation of Teachers

Winter 2003 / Vol. 3, No. 1

Ignoring Advice

Back in 1976, when I was a crackerjack reporter for the Woodlawn High School Calumet, I interviewed the Baltimore County school district’s superintendent, Joshua Wheeler. The conversation was to provide my introduction to the politics of public education. I asked Wheeler, who was about to retire, why the district did not require students to pass […]

Winter 2004 / Vol. 4, No. 1

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