Behind the Headline: More Americans Moving to Cities, Reversing the Suburban Exodus

By 03/28/2014

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More Americans Moving to Cities, Reversing the Suburban Exodus
3/27/14 | The Wire

Behind the Headline
The Elephant in the Classroom
Winter 2013 | Education Next

According to new data from the Census Bureau, the American city is experiencing something of a renaissance, as more Americans, especially young professionals and Baby Boomers, move to the centers of the nation’s metropolitan areas.

What will this mean for the nation’s urban school districts?

Mike Petrilli has written about ways to create integrated schools in rapidly gentrifying neighborhoods. In an op-ed he makes the case for using “controlled choice” and other means to preserve diversity in Washington, D.C. Chester E. Finn, Jr. wrote a response here.

In a feature story for Ed Next, Jennifer Burns Stillman looks at the culture clash that sometimes ensues when white, upper-class, highly educated parents enroll their kids in schools that used to serve a predominantly poor, minority population.

-Education Next

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