Behind the Headline: Arne Duncan Unveils 50-State Teacher-Equity Strategy

By 07/07/2014

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Arne Duncan Unveils 50-State Teacher-Equity Strategy
7/7/14 | Politics K-12 (Ed Week)

Behind the Headline
An Effective Teacher in Every Classroom
Summer 2010| Education Next

The Department of Education has released a new plan to ensure that poor and minority students have equal access to effective teachers. The plan builds on a requirement  in NCLB that has so far not been enforced. All states are required to develop plans to boost teacher equity and submit those plans to the U.S. Department of Education.

Kati Haycock and Eric Hanushek debate the best way to ensure equitable access to effective teachers in an Ed Next forum: “An Effective Teacher in Every Classroom: A lofty goal, but how to do it?” They discuss how readily we can identify effective teachers and what are the most promising strategies for seeking to increase the number of effective teachers in high-poverty schools and communities.

-Education Next

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  • James De Forest says:

    Remedial math is a major problem. Only 27 percent that take remedial courses complete college. I grew tired of watching students that could pass most college courses being stopped by low math scores in ACT and COMPASS Tests. I developed the Senior College Prep Math Course It is old school and entirely different with very little use of calculator and computer. This year the pilot country school of 118 seniors had 100 score high enough to avoid remedial math. The mistake I made is that I thought it would be accepted by everyone. Wrong. GRREC in Bowling Green Kentucky won a race-to-the -top $42,000,000.00 and refuse of even talk to me about the program. It is sad to see the failing senors with no future

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