Behind the Headline: A Link Between Fidgety Boys and a Sputtering Economy

By 04/29/2014

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A Link Between Fidgety Boys and a Sputtering Economy
4/29/14 | New York Times

Behind the Headline
No Progress Report
Summer 2014 | Education Next

In the New York Times’ new Upshot section, David Leonhardt describes the struggles of men in today’s economy and traces the problem back to the struggles of boys in school. As Christina Hoff Sommers argues, Leonhardt notes, schools today fail to acknowledge the profound differences between boys and girls. They ask boys to sit still for hours every day and provide them with few role models in front of the classroom.

In the Summer 2014 issue of Education Next, Nathan Glazer reviews the new edition of Christina Hoff Sommers’ book, The War Against Boys.

In an earlier issue of Ed Next, Richard Whitmire and Susan Bailey debated the impact schools were having on boys.

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