Behind the Headline: Obama Administration Wants Better-Trained Teachers

By 04/26/2014

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Obama Administration Wants Better-Trained Teachers
4/26/14 | Washington Post

Behind the Headline
21st Century Teacher Education
Summer 2013 | Education Next

The Obama administration will propose new regulations for teacher training programs in an effort to hold the programs accountable for the quality of the teachers they graduate.  Ed schools that receive federal funding will be required to measure the job performance of their alumni, Arne Duncan said. The Department of Education will propose the new rules this summer and seek public input.

In the Summer 2013 issue of Education Next, Kate Walsh of the National Council on Teacher Quality wrote about shortcomings of our current system for training teachers and about how policymakers could fix things.

-Education Next

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  • crunchymama says:

    Ah, because the best people to fix teacher education programs are people who have never been through one, right?

    If you believe that, I have a bridge I can sell you. :P

  • ceemor says:

    If teaching were a better paid profession, future teachers might be going to Yale and Princeton but as it is, it is a ‘safe’ profession. It is a profession a person goes into because they love teaching. It is also good if that person also wants time to raise a family, summers off. I would have added job security but that is no longer true. Teachers are not badly trained, like every other job you learn MOST of the job on the job. You can’t know how to deal with children, parents, school boards and administrators until you actually do it (not to mention the press and every person you meet who has an opinion on education, now days). If the criteria for bad teaching is bad test scores then every teacher has been a bad teacher at one time or another…but for the most part every teacher has been a great teacher throughout their career. That said, that doesn’t mean they aren’t the mean teacher, the belittling teacher, the keep silent teacher…all these types of people can get great test scores, though fear. Is this really the type of great teacher we all want for our children?
    Why would any one go into teaching in the current environment? Most testing, more rules, more constantly being evaluated and now where you go to school is going to be evaluated on your future performance…where was this idea for the bankers who turned our country upside down or the venture capitalists who destroyed manufacturing in this country forever?…why aren’t there colleges being held accountable for their behavior?

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