Behind the Headline: What’s Behind That Insanely Hostile New York Times Story on Charter Schools?

By 04/29/2014

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What’s Behind That Insanely Hostile New York Times Story on Charter Schools?
4/29/14 | New York

Behind the Headline
Charter Schools Survive a Biting ‘Rain of Terror’
Winter 2014 | Education Next

In Sunday’s New York Times, Motoko Rich wrote about the Walton Family Foundation’s support for charter schools. Puzzled by the odd tone of the piece, Jonathan Chait of New York magazine wrote

The scandal, as it were, is that the Waltons give a lot of money to charter schools in Washington, D.C., which serve mostly poor, black children. There is no allegation of misallocation of funds, waste, improper political influence, or profit motive. The allegation is that “While charter schools and vouchers may benefit those families that attend these schools, there may be unintended effects on the broader public school system.”

In his article, Chait looks more closely at the insinuations about the Walton Family Foundation and charter schools made by the author.

In the Winter 2014 issue of Ed Next, Paul Peterson noted that public intellectual, school districts, and teachers unions were attacking charter schools with a bitter “rain of terror.”

-Education Next

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