Behind the Headline: Before a Test, a Poverty of Words

By 10/08/2012

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Before a Test, a Poverty of Words
New York Times| 10/7/12

Behind the Headline
Primer on Success
Education Next| Winter 2013

In a New York Times article weighing in on the debate over why so few minority children are admitted to New York City’s exam schools, Ginia Bellafante argues that the focus on the performance of applicants on the admissions test “suggests a myopia of its own. Expanding the ranks of poor black and Hispanic children in the top high schools would seem to require infinitely more backtracking.” She continues

As the education theorist E. D. Hirsch recently wrote in a review of Paul Tough’s new book, “How Children Succeed,” there is strong evidence that increasing the general knowledge and vocabulary of a child before age 6 is the single highest correlate with later success.

E.D. Hirsch’s review appears in the Winter 2013 issue of Ed Next.

-Education Next

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