Behind the Headline: Better News in New Study That Assesses U.S. Students

By 10/25/2013

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Better News in New Study That Assesses U.S. Students
10/24/13 | New York Times

Behind the Headline
Are U.S. Students Ready to Compete?
Fall 2011 | Education Next

A new study found that students in 36 states outperformed the international average on math exams given through the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study, which was administered in 2011 to students in 38 countries.

But as Ed Next’s Paul Peterson explains in the article, the pool of countries taking the math and science exams includes many developing countries, and several industrialized nations, including France, Germany and Denmark, did not participate. “So if you really want to compare the U.S. to the developing world, then we do look good,” Peterson told Motoko Rich.

A study published by Ed Next in Fall 2011 found that U.S. proficiency in math and reading lagged behind that of most industrialized nations.

-Education Next

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