Behind the Headline: Can Rhee’s reforms work without Rhee’s toughness?

By Education Next 01/24/2011

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Can Rhee’s reforms work without Rhee’s toughness?
The Washington Post | 1/22/11

Behind the Headline
D.C.’s Braveheart
Education Next | Winter 2010

In the Washington Post this weekend, Richard Whitmire worries that the race to embrace a style of school reform he calls “Michelle Light” — the kinds of teacher quality reforms identified with Michelle Rhee, but pursued in a gentle, cooperative way–may not be able to accomplish much. Rhee was profiled by June Kronholz in the Winter 2010 issue of Ed Next.

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  • Anne Clark says:

    “Those gains came about the hard way, by firing principals and teachers with low expectations, minimal skills as educators or both.”

    Really! How do you know it wasn’t as a result of the curricular changes made under Janey? Or just the Hawthorne effect?

    Studies you can quote?

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