Behind the Headline: ‘Common Core’ standards clearer, more rigorous

By Education Next 07/21/2010

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‘Common Core’ standards clearer, more rigorous
07/21/10 |

Behind the Headline
E Pluribus Unum?
Summer 2009 | Education Next

The Fordham Institute has released an analysis of the Common Core standards and the state academic standards in all 50 states which finds that the Common Core standards are better than those in three quarters of the states. In an article that appeared in Ed Next in 2009, Chester Finn and Deborah Meier debated the merits of a national curriculum.

The Fordham Institute report can be found here.

Ed Next bloggers Chester Finn, Jay Greene, and Mike Petrilli have argued about the Common Core standards effort here, here, here, and here.

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  • JoLynne Walz Martinez says:

    I am conflicted on the issue of common core standards. On one hand, I think there is a great deal of value in local and regional variation in everything from accents to customs to foods to education. On the other hand, as a candidate for alternative certification who has been educated in Missouri and is about to start student teaching in Kansas, I have found the idea of common standards appealing. I have only a few weeks to familiarize myself with the Kansas benchmarks before I start working with the high schoolers.

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