Behind the Headline: Kansas Democracy Lesson

By 01/21/2014

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Kansas Democracy Lesson
1/17/14 | Wall Street Journal

Behind the Headline
Many Schools Are Still Inadequate. Now What?
Fall 2009 | Education Next

In Kansas, activists want the state Supreme Court to order the state legislature to spend at least $500 million more per year on schools. But as the Wall Street Journal editorial board remarks in response, “If there’s one certain conclusion from the last 30 years of education reform, it is that more money doesn’t yield better student results.” The editorial points readers to a 2009 study by Alfred Lindseth and Eric Hanushek that examined four states with large increases in funding due to court orders and found that school performance languished despite the funding increases.

Hanushek and Lindseth describe the results of that study in an Education Next article, “Many Schools Are Still Inadequate. Now What?” Michael Rebell of the Campaign for Educational Equity offers a response.

-Education Next

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