Behind the Headline: KIPP Builds College Pipeline through Written Agreements

By 07/26/2013

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KIPP Builds College Pipeline through Written Agreements
07/26/13 | Washington Post

Behind the Headline
No Excuses Kids Go to College
Spring 2013| Education Next

The number of KIPP graduates attending high-profile colleges will be growing, as KIPP has now signed agreements with 39 colleges to create KIPP-to-college programs that include recruiting pipelines and campus support systems for low-income students who graduate from the charter schools. In today’s Washington Post, Nick Anderson looks at how the pipelines are working for some students.

Robert Pondiscio took an in-depth look at the programs and some of the challenges they face in “No Excuses Kids Go to College: Will High-Flying Charters See Their Low-Income Students Graduate,” which appeared in the Spring 2013 issue of Ed Next.

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