Behind the Headline: School Funding Needs Transparency

By 03/21/2013

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School Funding Needs Transparency
San Francisco Chronicle| 3/19/13

Behind the Headline
Breaking Down School Budgets
Education Next |Summer 2009

Here’s a challenge for you if you have a few spare minutes this evening: Try to figure out how much money is going to public schools in your city and what it’s being spent on. If you’re an average parent or taxpayer, you’re not going to figure it out.

So writes Michelle Rhee in an op-ed in the San Francisco Chronicle.  She continues, “Educators ought to clamor for the data that show whether school funding is being spent in ways that help students succeed. Parents ought to demand it.”

In “Breaking Down School Budgets: Following the Dollars Into the Classroom,” published in Ed Next in 2009, Marguerite Roza analzyed the financial data produced by school districts to determine how much money was making its way to which classrooms.

-Education Next

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