Behind the Headline: Schools Chief in Bridgeport Is Under Fire

By 07/08/2013

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Wall Street Journal| 7/6/13

Behind the Headline
Lifting the Barrier
Education Next |Fall 2003

Bridgeport Superintendent Paul Vallas, who has earlier run school districts in Philadelphia, New Orleans, and Chicago, for not having met the certification requirements for school superintendents.  Rick Hess argued earlier in Ed Next that eliminating the state-mandated licensure of principles and superintendents is the first step in recruiting and training a generation of leaders capable of transforming America’s schools.

Dale Mezzacappa wrote about Paul Vallas in “The Vallas Effect: The Supersized Superintendent Moves to the Superdome City” in the Spring 2008 issue of Ed Next. And Alexander Russo profiled Vallas in the Winter 2003 issue of Ed Next in “Political Educator.”

-Education Next

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