Behind the Headline: Teachers Unions Face Moment of Truth

By 12/09/2013

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Teachers Unions Face Moment of Truth
12/8/13 | Politico

Behind the Headline
2013 Education Next Survey
Winter 2014 | Education Next

“Thousands of unionized teachers plan to rally Monday [Dec. 9] in cities from New York to San Francisco to ‘reclaim the promise of public education,'” writes Stephanie Simon on Politico. She continues

Behind the scenes, however, teachers unions are facing tumultuous times. Long among the wealthiest and most powerful interest groups in American politics, the unions are grappling with financial, legal and public-relations challenges as they fight to retain their clout and build alliances with a public increasingly skeptical of big labor.

Simon quotes data this year’s Education Next poll, which found that 31 percent of teachers held negative views of their own unions — up from 17 percent in 2011. (An article analyzing the poll’s findings on a range of topics can be found here.)

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