Behind the Headline: Texas among Ten States Facing Lawsuits over Education Funding

By 01/02/2013

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Texas among Ten States Facing Lawsuits over Education Funding
Washington Post| 1/2/13

Behind the Headline
Many Schools are Still Inadequate. Now What?
Education Next | Fall 2009

In this morning’s Washington Post, Ben Wieder writes about ten states that are facing lawsuits over school finance systems that are alleged to be inadequate and inequitable. The Fall 2009 issue of Ed Next featured a debate between Michael Rebell and Eric Hanushek and Alfred Lindseth over whether court involvement in school funding debates has led to remedies that improve outcomes for students.

A study by Chris Berry and Charles Wysong that was published in the Summer 2010 issue of Ed Next looks at how school spending changes in a state after a court hands down a school finance ruling, and in particular, how states led by Democrats and states led by Republicans respond very differently to orders that they change their school spending.

-Education Next

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