Behind the Tweet: Duncan Support for Later Start Times

By 09/05/2013

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Duncan Support for Later Start Times
9/5/13 | Politico Morning Education

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Do Schools Begin Too Early?
Summer 2012| Education Next

In a back-to-school interview on Wednesday, Arne Duncan voiced support for later school start times for high school students, following up on a tweet he sent out last week: “Common sense to improve student achievement that too few have implemented: let teens sleep more, start school later.” In a study published by Education Next, Finley Edwards found that later start times boost student achievement.

-Education Next

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  • Cole says:

    This will make more lazy students, what happens when its time to go to college and work? Start them off now and continue to move forward. If they want to have good grades they will apply themselves and do the work needed in class !

    This is crazy

  • Payton says:

    …because college kids really pine after early classes. Many of the most cutting edge tech companies also have a very flexible starting time. I’m also not sure how waking up later constitutes “laziness”

  • Glenn says:

    Right, our society sees sleeping as a waste of time. It is unproductive; the sin of sloth. Except that you will die of sleep deprivation before you die of food deprivation. Sleep is essential, and everyone needs different amounts (which also changes at different times in their lives). It’s biological. Let them sleep if they need it.

  • Mike says:

    College students and adults with jobs are developmentally different. Adolescent bodies are not programmed to be active and alert at 7 am in the morning on less than 8 hours of sleep. And in anticipation of the “shut the video games off” argument, we are asking students to prepare for high stakes tests at a young age. More and more work is piled on and less time in the schedule. I’m sure there are students who simply need to go to bed earlier but we should think about the whole group.

    I can see a major difference in students I teach at 7 am compared to those I teach at 10 am.

  • elissa says:

    Have you ever tried to teach high school students late in the day? My 18 years of experience say students are non compos mentis and dangerous in a lab setting. I say no way.

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