A Strong Case for a Knowledge-Centric Curriculum

Why Knowledge Matters, E. D. Hirsch, Jr.’s fifth book on education, is as important as his first.

In The News: Break Up the Big Break?

While some schools have shortened summer vacation to reduce summer learning loss, not everyone agrees that more school is the best way for kids to spend their summer.

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As Google Steals its Education Thunder, What Can Microsoft Do?

It would be great to see Microsoft focus on three things that will transform our education system into a more student-centered one.

In the News: Why Does the NAACP Oppose Charter Schools?

At its national convention, the NAACP voted to support a moratorium on the growth of charter schools, which is puzzling because opinion surveys show strong support for charter schools among African Americans.

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In the News: California Teacher Tenure Laws Upheld

In California, the state Supreme Court has decided not to hear an appeal in Vergara vs. California, so teacher tenure laws will stand.

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Sorting Out the Advice for Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan

Can philanthropists most powerfully effect “system change” by going at the system frontally or by circumnavigating it with actions that will inevitably compel it to change?

The Many Ways Teacher Diversity May Benefit Students

At least three distinct theories have been proposed about how moving away from a majority-white teacher workforce would be beneficial for students of color.

In the News: Seattle Schools Brace For A ‘Historic’ Scheduling Change

High school students will start school later in a move designed to prioritize student health over district logistics.

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In the News: (Another) Open Letter to Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan

In response to an earlier open letter advising Zuckerberg and Chan to focus their education philanthropy on innovation outside the system, Marc Tucker urges them to try to change the way the system works.

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Squeezing the Public School Districts in Louisiana

Governor John Bel Edwards recently cut funding of the Louisiana Scholarship Program (LSP), claiming that it was necessary to save money.

ESSA Didn’t Settle Federal Education Policy. Far From It.

Our next President will be forced to make a number of important education policy decisions almost immediately upon taking office.

Growing Up Poor and White in America: A View from the Inside

Books like J.D. Vance’s “Hillbilly Elegy” force us to confront simpleminded views of the ills we seek to address and to be humble about over-optimistic schemes to set things right.

Taking a Lesson from The Boys in the Boat and Aiming for ‘Swing’

The extreme focus, teamwork, effort, and joy that drive elite winning teams are exactly what’s required to turn around our lowest-performing schools.

In the News: Clinton Abandons the Middle on Education

In an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, Paul E. Peterson and Martin R. West compare the education plank of the Democratic party platform with what the public says it wants.

Political Science for Ed Reform Dummies

Here are some basic lessons in political science for the leadership of the ed reform movement to help them avoid political failures and electoral defeats.

Arizona’s First Audit of Education Savings Accounts is Instructive

Education Savings Accounts have gained popularity among supporters of parental choices in education, and lawmakers in four other states have enacted laws similar to Arizona’s since 2011.

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Americans Win Gold at Math Olympiad

The six-student American team beat out competitors from over 100 other countries in this year’s International Math Olympiad for high school students.

Why Teacher vs. Non-Teacher Pay Comparisons Are Misleading

Pension benefits for public school teachers (and most public employees) are far more generous than for private sector professionals.

Much Ado About Grit? Interview with a Leading Psych Researcher

Research conducted by Marcus Crede suggests that grit is barely distinct from other personality traits and that standardized test scores, attendance, and study habits are much better predictors of long-term success than grit.

In the News: Crash course in credit recovery yields best-ever graduation rate of 75% for L.A. schools

In December, only about half of LAUSD seniors were on track to graduate, but by June, many of those students were all caught up after taking advantage of credit recovery programs.

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California’s Too-Colorful Accountability Plan

California’s new accountability system for schools and districts is complicated beyond imagining and does not lend itself to useful interpretation by parents, taxpayers, voters, or policymakers.

The Wrong and Right Ways to Ensure Equity in IDEA

Are U.S. schools over-identifying children for special ed based on their race or ethnicity? The best-available studies find that the opposite is occurring.

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Transition Time

Big transitions are underway throughout American education.

Summative Ratings Are All Around Us. Why Are We Afraid of Them in K-12 Education?

Cars, colleges, neighborhoods, restaurants, you name it — if there’s some sort of choice that people can make, there’s probably a rating system to help them decide.

Can Policymakers Fix What Ails Online Charter Schools?

Three recommendations for policymakers in states that are wrestling to turn the rapid development of online schools into a net plus for their pupils.

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