Authority, Schools, and America’s System of Government

While technocrats have been trying to centralize and homogenize and control everything about education, school choice and charters have done the exact opposite.

In the News: Good Schools Aren’t the Secret to Israel’s High-Tech Boom

Israel’s education minister writes that people who look to Israel’s education system to understand why his country is such a high-tech powerhouse are looking in the wrong place.

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School Choice and Trump’s Budget

A chat with Martin West

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In the News: The Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of A Special Education Student

The U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday ruled unanimously that schools must give students with disabilities the chance to make meaningful progress,

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What the Data Show on School Choice and Segregation

There are a number of serious methodological challenges involved in empirical research on how education policies affect ethnic segregation.

Why You Do NOT Want Me On Your Education Council

I may have my own ideas about what makes a good school, I just don’t believe that I have the right to impose my views on you.

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In the News: British Schools Hope to Improve Performance With Chinese Textbooks

The UK Department for Education has begun implementing a new style of teaching math modeled on the way math is taught in China.

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One More Time Now: Why Lowering Class Sizes Backfires

A large-scale reduction requires hiring massively more teachers, dipping deeper and deeper into the applicant pool.

In the News: Parents Call For More Funding For Charter, Magnet Schools

In Connecticut, parents rallied on the steps of the state capitol in Hartford to call attention to charter and magnet school state funding discrepancies.

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In the News: High-Stakes Senate Hearings on Gorsuch Set to Start This Week

Some insight into how Judge Gorsuch might approach education issues if he is confirmed by the Senate.

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Don’t Forget Magnet Schools When Thinking About School Choice

There are over 3,000 magnets across more than 600 school districts within 34 states, but they have received less attention in the research literature than charters.

In the News: Is your kid absent more than classmates? School ‘nudge’ letters tell parents just how much

Schools let parents know how many times their children have been absent and how many times other children in the school have been absent.

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Discipline Reform and School Climate

Students and teachers report that schools are less orderly and more violent after suspension policies were changed.

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Don’t Neglect Vouchers’ Competitive Effects

Introduction of vouchers leads to higher outcomes for pupils remaining in public schools.

In the News: Regents Drop Teacher Literacy Test Seen As Discriminatory

In New York, the Board of Regents voted Monday to eliminate a requirement that aspiring teachers pass a literacy test in order to become certified.

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Why the Federal Government Should Subsidize Childcare and How to Pay for It

There is broad public support for more government spending on childcare as long as that spending does not result in another unfunded entitlement that worsens the deficit

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In the News: A-F School Rankings Draw Local Pushback

In several states, local superintendents are pushing back against plans to rate schools with letter grades

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In the News: Senate Scraps Obama Regulations on School Accountability

The regulations that were written by the Education Department to explain how states could comply with ESSA were repealed by the Senate late last week.

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Is Choice About Better Test Scores?

Choice exists to allow parents to educate their children in accordance with their own needs, desires and values.

In the News: Kansas Supreme Court Says State Education Spending Is Too Low

The Kansas Supreme Court ruled earlier this month that the state’s low spending on public education violated the state’s constitution.

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School Choice Goes To the Movies

Everything anyone needs to know about school choice – who benefits from it and who opposes it – was summarized in the first few minutes of the movie Hidden Figures … and in the trailer right before it.

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Rocky Start for ProPublica “Alternative Schools” Series

The vast majority of alternative programs — 87 percent — are run by traditional school districts not charters.

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In the News: Applications Double for Boston Charter Schools Under New Enrollment System

Boston charter schools this year received 35,000 applications, more than double the 13,000 applications that were received last year.

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A Troubling Contagion: The Rural 4-Day School Week

In an environment where young rural adults already suffer from isolation and low economic opportunity, the shorter school week could exacerbate their problems.

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