The Case for Maximum State Flexibility on ESSA Accountability

Officials at the Department of Education have requested public comments by January 21 about areas in the new Every Student Succeeds Act where regulation might be “helpful or necessary.” My recommendation to the feds: Tread very lightly.

Behind the Headline: Martin Luther King Jr. Born in Atlanta, Jan. 15, 1929

On Monday we honor Martin Luther King, Jr., whose birthday is today. His work to fight racial inequality inspires many to continue the struggle today.

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Behind the Headline: Bills to Restructure Detroit K-12 District Finally Proposed

Legislation that would create a new state-overseen school district in Detroit to run schools and leave the old Detroit Public Schools district in existence only to collect taxes and retire its debt has been introduced.

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Behind the Headline: The Key to the White House is Working-Class Whites

On the campaign trail, Marco Rubio has been talking up vocational education. Earlier this week he spoke at the auto shop of a community college in New Hampshire about the need for young people to learn tangible skills. Phillip Rucker and Robert Costa of the Washington Post wrote about the speech in an article on efforts by the Republican party to reach out to white working-class voters.

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The 2016 RHSU Edu-Scholar Public Influence Rankings

This list recognizes university-based scholars in the U.S. who are doing the most to influence educational policy and practice.

On Regulating School Choice: A Response to Critics

Refusing to acknowledge that regulations can have real costs or that Louisiana’s voucher program has failed to deliver on its promises does nothing to serve the interests of disadvantaged children.

Behind the Headline: Netflix Chief Announces $100 Million Fund for Education

Reid Hastings, the founder of Netflix, announced Tuesday that he is creating a $100 million foundation for education.

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America’s Most Disadvantaged Students Need Real Accountability, Not Ideology

As the head of the regulatory agency for traditional public, charter public, and non-public schools in Louisiana, I think it’s important to discuss the facts behind a recent study on Louisiana’s private school voucher program.

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Teachers More Likely to Use Private Schools for their Own Kids

These teachers, moreover, support similar choices for other parents and oppose agency fees currently imposed on many.

The First Negative Effects of Vouchers and the Predictable Misinterpretation

Why are the effects so negative when prior studies have found either no effect or positive effects? Good question. Unfortunately, we know much less about reasons than some have suggested.

Behind the Headline: Teachers Unions At the Supreme Court: 9 Things You Need to Know About the Friedrichs Case

The Supreme Court is hearing oral arguments in Friedrichs vs. California Teachers Association this morning.

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The Five Themes of ESSA Coverage

I re-read about fifty major articles, blog posts, and other missives about ESSA over the break, since this written record will serve as the foundation for years of commentary and analysis.

The Miseducation of Donald Trump Voters

As a new sobriety over the issues animating Trump supporters settles in, I’m hoping for a parallel rethinking among education reformers.

Behind the Headline: Don’t Fall For Easy Catchphrases Like ‘Race to the Bottom’

On “The Grade,” Alexander Russo takes a close look at the frequently stated claim that under NCLB, states lowered their standards in a “race to the bottom.”

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My Favorite Writing of 2015

As 2015 was coming to a close, I compiled a list of my fifty favorite reads of the year.

Reason for Despair, Reason for Hope

For the first time in the past half century there appears to be a strong possibility that we will serve all of our students and that we will restore the strength of the U.S. workforce.

The Folly of Overregulating School Choice

A new study of the impact of Louisiana’s voucher program found a negative result. Although not conclusive, there is considerable evidence that the problem stemmed from poor program design.

James S. Coleman: Education’s North Star

For half a century, Coleman’s work has altered the shape of education research, school politics, and school policy.

Behind the Headline: Why I’m Fighting My Teachers Union

In the Wall Street Journal, California teacher Harlan Elrich explains why he is one of the plaintiffs in the Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association case, which will be heard by the Supreme Court next week.

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Behind the Headline: Arne Duncan calls for addressing gun violence in final speech as education secretary

In his last speech as U.S. Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan spoke in the basement of a Catholic church in Chicago last week about the impact of gun violence on children.

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Education Posts I Wish I’d Written This Year

The best compliment I can pay a fellow education blogger is to confess professional jealousy. So I’d like to close out 2015 by saluting the education blogs and columns that made me green with envy.

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Insights from a Blended-Learning Teacher

An interview with Amy Carlson, a blended-learning coach at Highline School District in Seattle.

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A Different Kind of Lesson from Finland

Finland has been lauded for years as this planet’s grand K-12 education success story, but since 2009, it’s scores and rankings have slipped.

5 Thoughts on ESSA

The new law retains NCLB’s federal framework for testing while getting the federal government out of the business of trying to judge teacher or school quality or how to “fix” schools.

Governor Cuomo’s Task Force Looks to Bury Higher Standards

New York has all the pieces in place to become a national leader in education, but Governor Andrew Cuomo would rather switch than fight.

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