Will the New Administration Love School Choice to Death?

Given the largely successful push by teachers unions and other opponents of public school choice to brand charter schools as a conservative, partisan issue, the last thing public charter schools need is to have the next president feed the “end of public education” narrative.

Red States and Blue Cities: The Precarious Politics of Charter Schooling Today

If charter schools are to thrive, we need support from Democrats and Republicans.

Should Trump Bother with an Education Agenda?

Some unsolicited advice to the President-elect as to what his administration’s policy priorities in this domain should (and shouldn’t) be.

In the News: Education Secretary: Trump’s Search For Education Secretary Narrows To Two Candidates

Who will Donald Trump choose as his Education Secretary? BuzzFeed reports that the two finalists are Betsy DeVos and Michelle Rhee

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Why Should Education Advocates Care About Pension Reform?

Here are my best arguments for why education advocates should invest their time and political capital in pensions, as opposed to everything else they might want to work on.

In the News: Boosting Attendance In Preschool Can Start With A Knock On The Door

Teacher home visits are being used by preschools to promote attendance. K-12 schools use the visits to engage parents in their child’s learning.

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Graduation Rates: What Does a Diploma Tell Us?

As policymakers reconsider the “college for all” mindset, they face tough questions about what a high school diploma should mean and how best to ensure that every young adult has the chance to build a professional future that’s honored, fruitful, and rewarding.

Protecting and Promoting the Use of Evidence in the Regulatory Process

The regulatory process provides a unique opportunity for researchers and the public at large to engage with policy. We should take advantage of it, in any administration.

In the News: D.C.’s Public Charter School System Turned 20 This Year. Now What?

The history of charter schools in D.C. at 20 and the past and future of charters nationwide at 25.

Education Is So Far Left, It Can’t Really See the Right

For those readers willing to concede that the liberal tilt in the education space has perhaps created some blind spots, here are some thoughts that may be helpful in making sense of the political landscape and the implications of the election.

Does Attending a Specialized High School Make a Difference?

No, at least according to a recent study. But as a New York City mom of a son in a specialized high school, I see enormous benefits.

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In the News: Trump’s Transition Team Needs to Find Nearly 4,000 Appointees

In the U.S. Department of Education 147 appointments need to be made. Rick Hess offers his suggestions for who could be nominated to fill some of these positions.

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In the News: The Real Threat to Common Core May Come Not From a Trump White House but From Many Statehouses

Donald Trump pledged during his campaign to eliminate the Common Core state standards, but many have noted that Common Core is not an issue President Trump will have any say over.

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How States Should Redesign Their Accountability Systems Under ESSA

States are now putting pen to paper on their accountability plans and many of them want advice about what to do.

Filling the Dozen Top Jobs in Trump’s Department of Education

Here are some of the names I’d love to see considered for a dozen of the top jobs.

In the News: Candidate Trump Talked Tough on Crime. Does That Signal an End to School Discipline Reform?

Many observers believe that the way American schools address student discipline will change once Donald Trump becomes president.

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A Silver Lining for Online Higher Education?

While the overall picture regarding online higher education is mixed, some new papers present some cause for optimism, especially if we can figure out ways to successfully monitor and certify the quality of online education.

In the News: Hard Questions as Education Reform Wakes Up to Trump’s America

Which communities should education reformers serve, and can a new coalition be built in support of school reform?

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Education Policy Under Donald Trump

What will education policy look like under a Trump administration? Education Next editors and contributors offer their thoughts.

Education Under President Trump Doesn’t Look As Scary As You Might Think

Two aspects of a Trump administration create the prospect of significant disruption in the way things have been.

Donald Trump Won. What Does That Mean for Education Policy?

Here are my 11 reflections on what this means and predictions for what might happen.

Pence, Trump, and the Ed Reform Agenda

With Donald Trump set to enter the Oval Office, Vice President-elect Michael Pence seems likely to shape the federal role in education for the next four years.

Look to Congress, not Trump, for Leadership on Education Policy

An assertive Congress ignoring or even steamrolling a weak, incompetent White House seems like a plausible outcome in 2017.

How Will a Trump Presidency Impact Education Innovation?

A relative lack of activity from the federal government could create uncertainty, paralysis, or an opportunity for local educators to innovate.

Now What?

What does this political earthquake mean for education policy?

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