How the U.S. Department of Education Can Foster Education Reform in the Era of Trump and ESSA

By shining a spotlight on states with particularly low student performance, the department can bring attention to the struggles facing public education in these states.

Reformers Need to Focus on What Happens Inside the Classroom

Our expensive and aggressive ed reform efforts still focus far too little on what kids do in school all day.

The Patriots and the ‘Unpopular Stuff’ of Excellence

Belichick is doing the hard, unpleasant work of addressing ineptitude and setting a high bar for performance.

In the News: Teachers Keep Teens Learning on Cyber Snow Days

Some schools provide non-traditional instruction using technology on snow days to keep teens on track and prevent the schools from having to make up the missed school days.

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A Federal Scholarship Tax Credit: The Only Fifty-State School-Choice Option

This idea could be included in the major tax-reform overhaul expected this spring.

Teaching Like a Champion: Blended Learning Edition

Teachers need resources like this to help them transition successfully to the student-centered learning practices that blended learning enables.

Necessity, Not Nicety: What We’ve Learned About District-Charter Alliances

In some of the cities known as ground zero for noisy fights about charter schools, quiet partnerships are underway between district and charter leaders.

School Choiceniks: Think “Common Core” and Be Careful What You Wish For

As someone who favors choice, I can’t think of anything less helpful than making this broad-based effort feel more like a creature of Washington.

In the News: Indianapolis Public Schools Are Using New Ways to Reduce Absenteeism

On Chalkbeat Indiana, Dylan Peers McCoy takes a look at how Indianapolis is trying to improve attendance for all kids and those who are chronically absent.

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Are Great Teachers Poor Scholars?

Universities aspire to excellence in both teaching and research, but does scholarly excellence come at a cost in terms of teaching quality?

Latinos Need Leadership in Education Reform

Latinos themselves support education reform at higher levels than other groups, but their elected officials often reject school choice.

Race, Social Justice, and School Reform

An array of education leaders had a hard-hitting but remarkably civil conversation about race and school reform at AEI this week.

Who Really Benefits From Dual Language Education?

Are English Language Learners well served by the programs? Do their families even want them?

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How Might Trump’s School Choice Plan Work?

One proposal would offer individuals and/or corporations a federal tax credit if they donate to voucher programs.

Inequality and Education in the Age of Trump

To tackle the specter of mass technological unemployment, we need to lower the cost for adults of getting more education and training.

How Obama’s K–12 Schooling Drove His Education Policy — And May Also Shape His Retirement

Obama was profoundly shaped by the opportunity to attend a top-flight independent school instead of what was almost surely an underperforming district school in Hawaii.

Are Voucher Schools Unaccountable?

If you oppose vouchers because you think they lack accountability, it may be time to take another look.

The Research on Charter Schools: An Introduction

Two professors from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government give a quick explanation of charter schools and other education policy issues facing the Trump administration

A Weak SIG-nal: Subpar Research Design Means We Don’t Really Know if SIG Worked

Even if SIG achieved the same effects as urban charter schools the study may not have been able to detect these effects.

Smarick’s Crusade Against SIG

Did the program really fail as badly as Smarick and the new evaluation suggest?

Strange Days, My Friend

I don’t know what comes next, but we’ll all be well-served to keep our wits about us.

As Cuomo Proposal Rekindles Free College Movement, New Research Provides Ammunition for Skeptics

Is free tuition the most effective use of additional funds for higher education?

The $7 Billion School Improvement Grant Program: Greatest Failure in the History of the U.S. Department of Education?

The final IES report on the School Improvement Grant program is devastating to Arne Duncan’s and the Obama administration’s education legacy.

The Patriots, Texans, and School Reform

Among the Patriots, there’s a belief that excellence means focusing on what went wrong and how to do better.

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