What Was Behind the Rise (and Subsequent Fall) in Teacher Turnover?

Despite the conventional wisdom, there’s very little evidence that current education policies are driving teacher turnover.

Behind the Headline: Appeals Court to Consider Teachers’ Lawsuit Over Tax-Credit Scholarships

An appeals court heard oral arguments yesterday in a lawsuit that a Florida teachers union has brought against the state’s tax credit scholarship program.

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Debate: Are Math and Reading Test Scores Reliable Indicators of School Quality?

And should schools with persistently low test score gains be shut down even if parents continue to choose them?

The Inconvenient Truth About Personalized Learning

Simply asking what works stops short of the real question at the heart of a truly personalized system: what works, for which students, in what circumstances?

Where Did Charter Schools Come From?

The onset of chartering was no lightning bolt. This audacious innovation had multiple ancestors and antecedents.

Test Score Gains Predict Long-Term Outcomes, So We Shouldn’t Be Too Shy About Using Them

Short-term test score gains don’t lead to long-term test score gains, but they do lead to long-term success.

Regulators Need To Use Test Scores With Great Care

If tests were reliable indicators of school and program quality, they should consistently be predictive of later-life outcomes. But they’re not.

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Local Control and Equity Do Not Mix

The fundamental organization of our school system—a patchwork of 14,000 school districts with geographic monopolies over the residents who live within them—contributes both to spending and educational inequities.

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Behind the Headline: Has the MCPS Board Learned Its Lesson?

How does a local school board hire a superintendent? Or fire a superintendent? In Montomery County, Md., a suburban school district outside of Washington, D.C. with over 150,000 students and an annual budget of $2.4 billion, much of the work of the school board seems to take place behind closed doors.

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Test Scores Don’t Tell Us Everything, But They Certainly Tell Us Something About School Quality And Student Success

For elementary and middle schools, test data should play a more central role in evaluating school quality than it should for high schools.

Rely on Local Actors, Instead of Faulty Information, To Make Judgments about School Quality

if we’re unable to develop strong measures of school quality that can be used remotely, we should instead rely on the judgments of those closer to the situation, including parents.

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Shut Bad Schools for Low Performance, But Don’t Draw Conclusions from Test Scores Alone

Not that it’s easy to identify measures beyond reading and math scores that are valid and reliable indicators of school success.

Student Achievement and Every State’s Economic Future

Vast economic gains are likely to accrue to any state that can improve the quality of its schools.

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The Weak Predictive Power of Test Scores

If regulators were to rely primarily on test scores when deciding which programs or schools to shutter and which to expand, they would make some horrible mistakes.

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

To show our appreciation for all the great teachers out there, we’ve pulled together some of our favorite articles that we think teachers might enjoy.

Behind the Headline: Money, Race and Success: How Your School District Compares

A widely shared post on The Upshot uses a set of colorful graphics to shed light on achievement gaps both within and across school districts.

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Behind the Headline: This Controversial Law Could Help Schools in Nevada Struggling With Growth Booms

A law passed in June 2015 in Nevada gave all parents in the state access to a new school choice mechanism — the education savings account (ESA).

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Behind the Headline: The Merit Pay Myth: Why the Conventional Wisdom About Paying Teachers Is Wrong

It is easy to find statements by education experts and journalists that “merit pay doesn’t work,” but as as Matt Barnum writes, the research on merit pay is mixed.

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Behind the Headline: National Teacher of the Year: I Was a Teenage Mom, and Teachers Changed My Life

Jahana Hayes, a history teacher at John F. Kennedy High School in Waterbury, Conn., has been named this year’s National Teacher of the Year

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Behind the Headline: Most High School Seniors Aren’t College Or Career Ready

The results from last year’s NAEP exam for 12th graders have just been released and NPR’s Anya Kamenetz takes a close look at the most important numbers: math and reading scores both declined a tiny amount, lower-achieving students are doing slightly worse and higher-achieving students slighly better than they were two years ago, and fewer than 40 percent of high school seniors score at college- or career-ready levels

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Following the Money in Personalized Learning

Can personalized learning schools sustain expensive staffing models and technology costs after private funding runs out?

Behind the Headline: Can More Money Fix America’s Schools?

Is it how much you spend on schools or how you spend it? NPR’s ed team is in the midst of a series of reports on money and schools. The latest installment takes a close look at the debate over whether money matters.

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Behind the Headline: White House launches $100M competition to expand tuition-free community college

Vice President Biden will announce today that the White House will award $100 million in grants to expand workforce training programs at community colleges.

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Testing Alone Won’t Make Good Readers

Children’s ability to understand what they read is intimately intertwined with their background knowledge and vocabulary. If a child is not broadly educated, he won’t be fully literate.

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