Agency Fees Could Be Back on Death Row

If the four Supreme Court justices who sided with Friedrichs vote to hear Mark Janus’s case, and if Neil Gorsuch votes according to expectations, agency fees could be dead by the end of the court’s next term.

Picturing Trump as the School Choice Guy

Maybe it’s just me, but I suspect that Trump’s energetic support is one of the worst things that could happen to school choice

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Three Ways Charters Reform and Improve Our Schools

Chartering has not been a single experiment or the product of a single vision, theory or doctrine.

The Politics & Partisanship of America’s Education Reform Debate: A Growing Blue-Red Divide

If your partisan values are more important to you than your education reform values, perhaps you should ask yourself if you are in the right place, at the right time, doing the thing that is best for you and your beliefs.

In the News: The Silicon Valley Billionaires Remaking America’s Schools

In the New York Times, Natasha Singer takes a skeptical look at the involvement of tech entrepreneurs in school reform efforts

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It’s Easy to Become ‘The Man’

Reformers are increasingly inclined to behave as proud stewards of a new establishment.

School Vouchers, LGBTQ Rights, and Religious Liberty

What Betsy DeVos should say when asked whether schools accepting vouchers can refuse to admit LGBTQ students.

Profiting from Educational Choice?

It’s students who benefit from tax-credit scholarships

The Disinvestment Hypothesis: Don’t Blame State Budget Cuts for Rising Tuition at Public Universities

Surprisingly, researchers and the media have demanded very little evidence before concluding that state funding cuts are causing tuition to rise.

Are Private Schools Allowed to Discriminate?

And will private schools be required to follow civil rights laws if they accept vouchers?

Blended Learning’s Unfulfilled Promise: Saving Teachers Time

Here are a few reasons why blended learning may not live up to its time-saving potential.

Personalized Learning Will Live or Die on Ability to Manage Change

Schools can struggle to pull off a shift to personalized learning, especially among more veteran teachers wedded to old ways.

In the News: Increasing Salaries So Teachers Don’t Have To Become Principals

Spencer Campbell was making too little money to live on when he was a classroom teacher so he left the classroom to be an administrator.

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In the News: Report: Teacher Pension Promises Not Kept

A new report finds that pensions do little to attract new talent and even less to retain it. In fact, the opposite is true.

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Of ESSA Plans and TPS Reports

State ESSA plans are the kind of pointless paper exercise demanded by 21st century bureaucracy. The only thing that matters is what states and districts actually do after they’ve submitted their plans.

The Politics & Partisanship of America’s Education Reform Debate: Time for a Suburban Strategy?

When a politician reviews your proposal, he or she is asking a fundamental and self-interested question: Does this get me more friends or make me more enemies?

In the News: Backers Abandon $10 Million Super School Project in Oakland

A proposal from a group in Oakland was one of the winners in last year’s XQ Super School Project competition, aimed at reinventing the American high school.

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Start High School Later for Better Academic Outcomes

Changing school start times could boost learning at a very low cost.

Can We Learn from How Other Countries Empower Their Educators?

The obstacles are immense and the likelihood of these insights being applied on a large scale in the United States anytime soon are lamentably tiny.

In the News: Trump Should Capitalize on Vouchers’ Newfound Popularity

In an op-ed for Real Clear Education, Paul Peterson notes that public opinion surveys are finding that public support for vouchers is growing.

Mixed Emotions on Trump’s Education Budget

I had a three-part reaction: it’s not that big a deal; the cuts are generally reasonable and some are even brave; but the budget as a whole is so problematic that I’ve no desire to defend it.

In the News: How Two Business-Savvy Nonprofits Are Breathing New Life Into Philadelphia’s Struggling Catholic Schools

Preserving traditional Catholic education while adding education reform elements has been the goal.

The Politics & Partisanship of the Education Reform Debate: Why Being ‘Right’ Isn’t Enough

While “we” felt the system needed to be upended in a variety of ways, lots of folks didn’t.

Don’t Let Personalized Learning Become the Processed Food of Education

Let’s make sure not to break learning into little bits and scraps and bytes of disparate skills, disconnected from an inspiring, coherent whole.

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