Adding Pre-K to Renaissance Charter School

What New York City’s Pre-K For All initiative has meant for a charter school.

When it Comes to Education, Are Californians Unique?

The Californians who participated in the 2017 Education Next survey of American adults have views that are different from the national sample on only a few issues.

Support for Common Standards Has Rebounded

Local control has its place—but, as Americans told Education Next, it also has its limits.

In the News: How Does the ‘Trump Effect’ Change the Public’s View of Education?

Andrew Ujifusa writes about one of the more interesting findings from the new EdNext survey on the Politics K-12 blog.

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Help Wanted: Who Is Missing From This List of Top Tweeters in Education Policy?

It’s time again to post our mostly-annual list of the top education policy people, organizations, and publications on social media.

In the News: Americans May Be More Tolerant of Muslims Than Ever

A just-released survey by Education Next finds that “Americans May Be More Tolerant of Muslims than Ever.”

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In the News: Hispanic Students Need Degree Data

Hispanic students are more likely than other undergraduates to be enrolled in a two-year college rather than a four-year university.

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Disability Rights Advocates Are Fighting the Wrong Fight on School Choice

Rather than expending effort to fight school choice, we need to focus on fighting for policies that will make choice work well for students with special needs.

In the News: Seeing Hope for Flagging Economy, West Virginia Revamps Vocational Track

Dana Goldstein looks at efforts to retool and expand vocational education, now called career and technical education, in West Virginia in a front-page story for the New York Times.

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What the Closure of 2 Bootcamps Means for the Industry’s Future

An interview with Jake Schwartz, CEO and co-founder of General Assembly, one of the world’s leading bootcamps.

The Complications of State-level Education Policymaking

With the US Department of Education now approving state ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) plans, attention turns to those plans’ contents. This includes how states intend to help kids assigned to persistently struggling schools.

Let’s Fight Complacency by Recognizing Excellent Schools

Mediocrity, not failure, is the greatest challenge facing American schools today.

In the News: How New York Stopped Being the Nation’s Education Reform Capital

Politico’s Eliza Shapiro looks at what has happened to education reform in New York over the past three years.

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In the News: Why All Parents Should Care About Arts Education

In an article for the Washington Post, Jill Coody Smiths describes some ways schools are exposing kids to the arts and discusses some of the benefits of arts education.

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In the News: The Pay Leaders Deserve

In U.S. News and World Report, Rick Hess responds to the Boston Globe’s revelation that Boston’s 16 charter-school leaders earned total compensation of $150,000 to $200,000 in 2016.

In the News: Cal State Will No Longer Require Placement Exams and Remedial Classes for Freshmen

The California State University system will no longer require less-prepared students to take remedial courses, the Chancellor’s office announced last week.

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Winners and Losers in President Trump’s Student Loan Plan

President Trump proposed major changes to the federal student loan program in his first budget request to Congress.

In The News: Who Gets Access to School Data? A Case Study in How Privacy, Politics & Budget Pressures Can Affect Education Research

Matt Barnum writes about a dispute over who can get access to data from Louisiana that can be used to evaluate the state’s voucher program.

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In the News: This Is the Wrong Way to Fight Inequality

What role should the government play in making the American dream available to all?

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In the News: When Charter Schools Open, Neighboring Schools Get Better

A new study looks at the impact of co-location, the practice of allowing a charter school to open in the same building as a district public school.

In the News: Justice Dept. to Take On Affirmative Action in College Admissions

The Justice Department is preparing to investigate universities for racial discrimination in their affirmative action policies, reports Charlie Savage of the New York Times.

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State Accountability Plans Fix Many NCLB-Era Mistakes

The Every Student Succeeds Act grants states more authority over their school accountability systems than did No Child Left Behind — meaning that states now have a greater opportunity to design improved school ratings.

In the News: 90% of Parents Think Their Kids Are on Track in Math & Reading. The Real Number? Just 1 in 3, Survey Shows

A new national survey of parents investigates the communication gap between parents and schools.

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In the News: Betsy DeVos Approves Delaware’s ESSA Plan, After Blowback

Earlier, the Trump Education Department had given Delaware some very critical feedback on the plan, which Mike Petrilli described as “a big unforced error.”

The NAACP’s Duplicitous Engagement of Black Families on Charter Schools is a Betrayal

I allowed myself to believe that the NAACP might have gotten the message from all these black moms and dads and kids enrolled—or yearning to be enrolled—in charter schools across America…not to mention the black advocates and the black charter educators out there.

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