Uncle Sam and America’s Schools in the Trump Administration

The most important question for any incoming Republican president is, “Are you hoping to advance particular programs or a steady, coherent conservative philosophy?”

“Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick”: Why State Chiefs Should Do Both

To fully exploit ESSA’s expanded possibilities for state leadership on school and district improvement, state superintendents will need a wide range of skills.

Take This Quiz: On School Choice, Are You a Libertarian or Do You Prefer a Nanny State?

What limits would you place on a parent’s right to choose a school for his or her child using public funds?

In the News: Why One Houston High School Stands Out In Global Test Results

While the overall results for U.S. students on this year’s PISA exam were not good, some individual high schools got good news about the performance of their students on the test.

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Betsy DeVos Deserves the Support of Education Reformers

Education reformers who are reflexively critical of DeVos are framing a narrow set of policies—the ones they prefer—as the very definition of “school choice,” “justice,” “morality,” or “accountability.”

Betsy DeVos and Charter School Regulation: A View from Michigan

It is a falsehood that Michigan charters have no regulation, no oversight, and no accountability.

When Evidence and Science are Really Just Assumptions and Ideology

If the evidence does not clearly show the superiority of a high-regulation approach to school choice, we may need to rely on our values when deciding how to proceed.

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In the News: Singapore Teens Top Global Education Ranking as US Lags

The United States ranked 25th, performing in line with the OECD average for science and reading but below average for math.

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Fulfilling the Promise of Community College: The ASAP Demonstrations

An innovative program of wrap-around support services known as Accelerated Study in Associate Programs (ASAP) boosts graduation rates.

School Accountability and the Infinite Information Problem

We should recognize the government’s limited ability to collect, analyze, and make use of the extraordinary amount of information relevant to school quality and family preferences.

DeVos and the Evidence from Michigan

What does the evidence say about a free market approach to school reform that relies on school vouchers and unregulated forms of charter schooling?

Remembering David Tyack

David Tyack, preeminent historian of American education, died November 1, 2016 at his home in Stanford, California.

In the News: Many State Report Cards Leave Parents in the Dark About School Achievement

A new study by the Data Quality Campaign reviews school report cards issued by each state and finds many of them lacking.

Can a Redesigned AP Government Course Get Schools Back Into the Civic Education Game?

If a new seriousness about civic education takes root, schools may turn to the new off-the-shelf curriculum developed by the College Board.

In the News: U.S. Students Still Lag Many Asian Peers on International Math and Science Exam

On TIMSS, the average score of U.S. fourth-graders in math put them behind students in 10 other systems

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The Winter 2017 Issue of Education Next is here!

The Winter 2017 issue celebrates the tenth anniversary of the annual EdNext Poll of American public opinion on K-12 education policy.

You Can’t Regulate Quality If You Can’t Predict Quality

On what basis will regulators be able to judge quality to protect families against making bad choices?

Should Instructional Choice Trump School Choice?

We must ensure that every student has access to an education—and the particular instructional experiences and supports—that best suits his needs and strengths.

Why I Hope Betsy DeVos Boosts School Vouchers

No child should have to wait for a school to get better when there are other opportunities available.

Private Schools Equally Good at Fostering Civic Participation

A new study confirms earlier ones finding that public schools are not better than private schools at fostering civic values.

In the News: Trump Could Open Door to Expanding D.C. School Voucher Program, Advocates Say

What will happen to the school voucher program in Washington, D.C. under Donald Trump and Betsy DeVos? Patrick Wolf reviews the research evidence on the impact of the vouchers.

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In the News: How Betsy DeVos Could Scramble the Ideology and Politics of Education Reform

The divide among education reformers over how much regulation and oversight are needed for school choice to work is highlighted as reformers react to Betsy DeVos’s nomination as education secretary.

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Twenty Questions for Betsy DeVos, Donald Trump’s New Education Secretary

It’s going to be important for the press, and for the Senate HELP committee, to ask a lot of questions to understand where she and the President who chose her plan to take federal education policy

Hamilton Speaks for Itself: Our Shared Ideals Belong to All Americans

The most powerful statement made from the stage was “Hamilton” itself. The post-performance lecture could only distract from it.

Will the New Administration Love School Choice to Death?

Given the largely successful push by teachers unions and other opponents of public school choice to brand charter schools as a conservative, partisan issue, the last thing public charter schools need is to have the next president feed the “end of public education” narrative.

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