Behind the Headline: Arne Duncan calls for addressing gun violence in final speech as education secretary

In his last speech as U.S. Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan spoke in the basement of a Catholic church in Chicago last week about the impact of gun violence on children.

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Education Posts I Wish I’d Written This Year

The best compliment I can pay a fellow education blogger is to confess professional jealousy. So I’d like to close out 2015 by saluting the education blogs and columns that made me green with envy.

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Insights from a Blended-Learning Teacher

An interview with Amy Carlson, a blended-learning coach at Highline School District in Seattle.

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A Different Kind of Lesson from Finland

Finland has been lauded for years as this planet’s grand K-12 education success story, but since 2009, it’s scores and rankings have slipped.

5 Thoughts on ESSA

The new law retains NCLB’s federal framework for testing while getting the federal government out of the business of trying to judge teacher or school quality or how to “fix” schools.

Governor Cuomo’s Task Force Looks to Bury Higher Standards

New York has all the pieces in place to become a national leader in education, but Governor Andrew Cuomo would rather switch than fight.

Have You Heard? The EdNext Podcast is Here!

We’re excited to bring our subscribers the EdNext Podcast, a weekly series hosted by Education Next editor-in-chief Paul E. Peterson and executive editor Martin West.

Behind the Headline: Success Academy Schools, in Shortening Their Day, Shed a Distinction

Success Academy charter schools will shorten their school day next year, Eva Moskowitz, the head of the charter network announced this week.

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Behind the Headline: Coming To Texas: Special-Ed Cams To Protect Students From Their Own Teachers

NPR reports on a new law in Texas that requires schools to videotape special ed classrooms if a parent or school staff member requests it.

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The Next-Gen High School to Watch

The Virtual Learning Academy Charter School (VLACS) in New Hampshire allows full-time and part-time middle and high school students to choose among five pathways to learn and demonstrate mastery of the New Hampshire state competencies.

Behind the Headline: Leading By Example: Black Male Teachers Make Students ‘Feel Proud’

In the Hechinger Report, Katy Reckdahl writes about the Honoré Center for Undergraduate Achievement, a program at Southern University in New Orleans that gives full scholarships to young African American men who show promise despite unremarkable transcripts and then trains them to be teachers.

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Behind the Headline: Chris Cerf Reviews ‘The Prize’

The Prize, published earlier this year, is Dale Russakoff’s examination of school reform efforts in Newark. New Newark superintendent Chris Cerf reviews the book for The 74. Cerf served as New Jersey’s Commissioner of Education from 2011 to 2014.

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School Pension Costs Continue to Rise

Given that school districts now spend about $11,800 per pupil on average, the $1,085 spent on employee pensions represents a significant amount of money that might have otherwise been spent in ways that would benefit student learning.

Germany Is Leaving its Bright Students Behind

Germany has been praised for raising its nationwide test scores while simultaneously reducing educational inequality. That’s no small feat—and one well worthy of recognition and accolades–but Germany’s bright students aren’t enjoying any of these gains.

How Woodrow Wilson Denied African-Americans an Academic Education

Princeton University protesters against Woodrow Wilson captured headlines in mid-November. But what hasn’t received attention is the role of the Wilson administration in national K-12 education policy.

Is the Victory of School Choice Inevitable?

Fordham’s new report on America’s best and worst cities for school choice shows above all that choice is growing.

The Montessori Approach to Teacher Training: An Interview With Jackie Cossentino

Nationwide, the public sector offers more than 400 Montessori programs which now enroll more than 100,000 students. Those numbers are growing as more places offer Montessori programs and more families opt into it.

Losing the Ability to Compare Academic Performance Across States

The promise of the Common Core included not just multi-state standards but also multi-state assessments, but just 21 states are currently still participating in the two assessment “consortia.”

The New Education Philanthropy

A new book from Harvard Education Press aims to launch an honest and open discussion about effective strategies for foundations.

ESEA and the Return of a Well-Rounded Curriculum

The sooner schools see building knowledge across the curriculum as Job One in strengthening reading comprehension, the better.

Straight-Up Conversation: DCPS Chancellor Kaya Henderson

D.C. Public Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson has just finished her fifth year in the role. I recently had the chance to chat with her about the highlights of her tenure and the evolution of school reform.

Should Your Next-Door Neighbor Assess Your Daughter’s Reading Skills?

Citizen-led assessments can be a useful tool to address common obstacles to low demand for quality education in developing countries.

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Behind the Headline: As D.C. Gentrifies, Some Charter Schools Aim To Reach Broader Spectrum

The Washington Post’s Michael Alison Chandler looks at how the growth of charter schooling and rapid gentrification in some areas are affecting school diversity in Washington, D.C.

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States v. Districts in the Every Student Succeeds Act

The dominant narrative about ESSA is that it shifts authority over schools back to state governments. But this belies a key feature of the legislation.

Behind the Headline: Standardized Testing Works, Depending On Where You Go To School

Kevin Hartnett of the Boston Globe reports on a new study by David Deming and three co-authors that looks at whether standardized testing really promotes outcomes education policy cares about most, like success in college and the job market.

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