What International Test Scores Reveal About American Education

Rankings based on international assessments are simple to understand—but they can also mislead.

Letters to a Young Education Reformer

Yesterday, Harvard Education Press released my new book, Letters to a Young Education Reformer.

Lessons for Improving School Choice from Other Policy Areas

There are three broad approaches that researchers and practitioners in P-12 choice systems can adopt to make their programs easier for parents to navigate.

The Importance of High Quality General Education for Students in Special Education

New evidence suggests that it’s possible for special education students to make large achievement gains without their traditional services in schools with high quality general education programs.

Is a Charter School Likely to Fail? Look at the Application

What if we could predict which schools are likely not to succeed—before they even open their doors?

The End of Teacher Tenure?

Tenure arrived in K–12 education as a trickle-down from higher ed. Will the demise of tenure follow a similar sequence?

Why Do Private School Teachers Have Such High Turnover Rates?

Federal data from NCES offers a potentially surprising revelation: Private school teachers have higher turnover rates than their public school counterparts, and it’s not particularly close.

Making Student Data More Usable: What Innovation Theory Tells Us About Interoperability

Imagine an ideal world in which all student data flows seamlessly and securely between software applications:

In the News: In Church-State Playground Brawl, Justices Lean Toward The Church

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in Trinity Lutheran Church v. Comer and seemed troubled by a Missouri grant program that bars state money from going to religious schools for playground improvement.

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The Fast, the Furious, and School Reform

Test scores and graduation rates have become the wild car crashes and crazy stunts of school reform. They’re what the movie is about.

Charters Must Avoid Recreating the Failed School District Financial Model

It’s troubling to see that many charter schools and CMOs are steadily accumulating fixed costs.

In the News: An Unconventional Teacher-Prep Program on the Rise in Philly

Philadelphia tries a new kind of teacher training program that focuses on the how of teaching rather than the why.

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Making Equity a First Principle of Personalized Learning

It can be tempting for many to talk about equity as a byproduct of personalized and blended learning, but we need to push on that assumption.

What Helps Disadvantaged Students: No-Excuses Charters vs. Income Integration?

When it comes to educating disadvantaged students the “no excuses” model of charter schools is possibly more effective and definitely more politically viable than “diversity” initiatives.

The Gap Within the Gap

Better measures of economic disadvantage can help us better understand the variation in outcomes within the population of children who are eligible for subsidized meals

In the News: How Vouchers Transformed Indiana

Writing for Chalkbeat, Dylan Peers McCoy describes how one of the nation’s largest school voucher programs has changed the private schools that participate, leading them to focus more intensely on student test scores.

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In the News: Ready Or Not (For Kindergarten) Some Research Says, Enroll Anyway

An interview published this week with NPR asks education professor Diane Schanzenbach of Northwestern University about her motivation to gather the research on academic redshirting in her recent article for Education Next “Is Your Child Ready for Kindergarten: ‘Redshirting’ may do more harm than good,” which challenges Malcolm Gladwell’s assertion that being among the oldest in one’s peer group is always an advantage.

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Finding the Right Fit for Students with Disabilities

Providing a free and appropriate public education to students with disabilities in the least restrictive environment suitable for their unique needs is complicated for all schools. But while there is still room for improvement, the tired claim that charter schools don’t serve students with disabilities is simply untrue.

Schools Should Tell Parents Whether Their Middle Schoolers Are On Track for College

We can see it, clear as day, in the data, starting as early as the sixth grade. We know with reasonable precision which students are likely to leave high school ready for college, and which are not. We just don’t bother to tell the families.

Should California’s New Accountability Model Set the Bar for Other States?

California’s new school dashboard provides solutions to criticisms of the state’s previous system. But the result may lack clarity for parents, and the most important element of all – consequences.

Talking To, Not Past, One Another About Race, Schooling, and Reform

As education has gotten ensnared in national politics, it’s become all too easy for those passionate about educational improvement to lose sight of what unites them. What can we do about that?

American Teachers Unions Oppose Innovative Schools—in Africa

Bridge Academies show promising results in Kenya and Uganda, but unions see them only as a threat.

Will Trump’s Deregulation Help Teacher Preparation?

Will overturning the Obama administration’s teacher preparation regulations lead to progress or stagnation in teacher quality?

With New Data, School Finance is Coming Out of the Dark Ages

A sleeper provision in the Every Student Succeeds Act will serve up a motherlode of never-before-available school-level financial data.

A Counterintuitive Approach to Improving Math Education: Focus on English Language Arts Teaching

The benefits of good English teachers are seen in students’ achievement in future years, not only in English, but in other subjects as well.

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