In the News: After Big Splash, Scaled-Back Rocketship Still Finding Its Way

Rocketship runs one of Milwaukee’s higher-performing charter schools, but the school has fallen short of enrollment goals and is running a $1.4 million deficit.

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The Illinois Teacher Labor Market Is Incredibly Fragmented

The fragmented teacher labor market has implications for how we think about improving teacher preparation, not to mention how school districts go about hiring new teachers.

The Accountability Legacy of a Hundred-Year-Old Decision

Our current understanding of “state accountability systems” is a reflection of a decision made one hundred years ago to have a single government provider of schools.

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College Readiness, College Completion, and Race

African American and Asian American students are doing better in terms of college completion than their twelfth-grade NAEP scores would predict.

Are Teacher Salaries Flat Because of Changing Workforce Demographics?

The shift from a veteran-dominated profession to one more heavily tilted toward newcomers implications for calculating average teacher salaries.

Will Eliminating the “F” Eliminate Bad School Design?

Skeptics of eliminating failing grades must acknowledge that, in our current system, we move students forward grade by grade based largely on “seat time” rather than mastery of academic skills and content.

Should Charter Schools Be Pressured to Reduce Suspensions?

At the National Charter Schools Conference, Secretary of Education John King challenged U.S. charter operators to rethink their approach to discipline.

Teachers Unions and Hedge Funds Are Frenemies

Teacher retirement plans have real clout with Wall Street hedge funds, and the unions that staff the boards deciding how to invest that money also have clout.

In the News: The Sobering Evidence of Social Science

In his column, George Will notes that we have just passed the 50th anniversary of the Coleman Report. The Spring issue of Education Next featured a series of articles commemorating the anniversary.

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No More Free Lunch for Education Policymakers and Researchers

For many years, the identification of students who are eligible to receive free or reduced-price lunches has doubled as a way for researchers and policymakers to identify students from low-income families.

Cultural Literacy in the Age of the Hashtag

Last month, on the heels of the Supreme Court’s decision in Fisher v. University of Texas, the hashtag ‪#‎BeckyWithTheBadGrades began trending on Twitter.

In the News: Teachers Union Cheers Clinton for Stance on Standardized Testing and Pay, but Boos Her Embrace of Charters

On Tuesday, Hillary Clinton gave a speech before the NEA’s annual Representative Assembly and was booed for expressing support for charter schools.

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What Teachers Think of Common Core Math

Most teachers are partial to the Common Core math standards, but they don’t think all of their students and their parents are.

Retirement Plans Don’t Affect Teachers Until Teachers Are Ready to Retire

Advocates of today’s defined benefit teacher pension plans claim that these plans encourage workers to stick around and devote their lives to the profession, but there’s not much evidence that this is the case.

What Will the Next Twenty-Five Years of Charter Schools Look Like?

June 4 marked the twenty-fifth anniversary of the enactment of Minnesota’s charter school law, the nation’s first.

In the News: A New Argument for More Diverse Classrooms

In a speech this evening at the National PTA Convention in Orlando, U.S. Secretary of Education John B. King, Jr. will call on parent and teachers to create diverse schools where students of all racial and socioeconomic backgrounds have access to good teachers and learning opportunities like he did.

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Four Lessons That Brexit Can Offer School Reform

As I watched the coverage and read the analysis, it did strike me that there are four cautions to pull from the fray that America’s school reformers would do well to heed.

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Ed Reform is Animal Farm

Just as choice is achieving escape velocity, a groupthink gang is grabbing the reins of ed reform organizations to advocate for greater restrictions and regulations on choice.

Is Political Control Over Charter Schools Wise?

Education reformers should have serious reservations about democratically controlled charter authorizers.

NYT Hatchet Job on Charters

The New York Times has a front page piece on charter schools in Detroit that is so factually mistaken, misleading, and tendentious that it requires a response.

Response: What NPR’s ‘Hit Piece’ Got Wrong in Attacking Rocketship’s ‘Impressive Results’

Rather than dig in and really understand what underlies our Rocketeers’ impressive achievements, NPR went to great pains in trying to undermine our success.

Give Vouchers Time: Low-income Families Need as Many Quality School Options as Possible

The goal of Louisiana’s private school choice policy is to expand the number of high quality, free or low-cost schooling options available to low-income families.

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Startups Tackle Disparities in New Ways

Startups are offering new forms of human and social capital to schools and students to make up for staffing disparities in teachers and guidance counselors.

In the News: Leg Up or Catch Up? Wealthier Students Use Summer School to Get a Step Ahead

Summer school has become a place where some students do remedial work to make up an “F” grade while other students take advanced classes to get ahead.

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Can Charter School Autonomy Coexist with Community Control over Schools?

A community’s voters want to have a say over what types of schools exist, what constitutes “good schools,” who runs them, how an area’s culture and traditions are passed on, and much more.

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