Parsing Public Opinion on Policy

The results of three recent polls on education policy should provide interesting fodder for the winners of state and national elections.

In the News: #XQBigReveal on Facebook at 3 pm

Today at 3 pm on Facebook, XQ will announce the winners of its Super Schools competition to rethink high school. To old timers this may call to mind the effort by New American Schools to redesign schools.

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Can Research-Based Practices Improve America’s Schools?

What would it take to infuse U.S. schools with practices that actually help kids learn?

5 Reasons Why School Choice is Important Right Now

At a panel discussion this Friday, education researchers, change agents, community- and thought-leaders, and policy makers will discuss what we’ve learned about the country’s views on K-12 education over the past decade.

What Charter School Authorizers Can Teach States on ESSA: It’s Hard to Find Indicators of School Quality That Aren’t Test Scores

The Every Student Succeeds Act requires states to use “another indicator of student success or school quality,” in addition to test scores and graduation rates, when determining school grades.

In the News: Fortress of Tedium – What I Learned as a Substitute Teacher.

Nicholson Baker’s new book about 28 days he spent as a substitute teacher is getting a good bit of negative attention.

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Why Delaying School Start Dates is a Bad Deal for Students

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan announced that all public schools in the state must delay the start of classes until after Labor Day and end the school year by June 15.

Underresearched and Unaddressed: How to Fix Summer Melt

We need to focus more on why so many college-accepted high school seniors decide not to attend their chosen universities during the summer months before freshman year.

In the News: Online Education Startup, Byju’s, Becomes Chan Zuckerberg Initiative’s First Investment in Asia

The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, the philanthropic organization created by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan, is making an investment in a startup in India that offers personalized learning services to students.

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In the News: How Domestic Violence In One Home Affects Every Child In A Class

An increase in the number of children from troubled families reduces test scores for other students in the class and increases peer disciplinary infractions.

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In the News: A Strategy Backfires, Increasing Teen Births

Educators with high hopes of preventing teen pregnancy have assigned their students computerized baby dolls, programmed to cry, coo, and make life complicated, just like a real baby. A new study finds that the program may encourage teen pregnancy.

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In the News: Almost the Entire D.C. School District Is Ignoring its P.E. Requirements

In Washington, D.C., only 10 of the District’s more than 200 schools are offering the required amount of physical education. Researchers find that state P.E. requirements are not always effective.

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Harnessing Benefits, Reining in Downsides of Virtual Schools

A new report offers constructive recommendations for improving virtual schools—and online learning and schooling more generally.

Trump’s Big ‘Education Week’

Last week was billed as the Trump campaign’s big “education week.” If you didn’t notice, that’s okay. I don’t think Trump did either.

Good News About Education Reform? Just Look Around

Parental choice in education has seen great success, and stories of students’ changed lives and parents’ and policymakers’ acts of courage are all around us.

We Have to Improve the School Improvement Process

School is back in session in many places. And yet, state test results from last spring are still trickling out.

Who Will Stand Up for School Reform?

Education reform circa 2016 is politically orphaned, loath to ask much of fair-weather friends, and too morally exhausted and intimidated by “social justice” crusaders to defend its successes.

In the News: Americans Oppose School Closures, But Research Suggests They’re Not A Bad Idea

By 84 percent to 14 percent, Americans prefer that failing schools be kept open, but research suggests that closing the schools may be better for students.

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States Should Use ESSA To Do Right by High-Achieving Students

The overwhelming majority of states provide schools with few incentives to focus on their high-achieving students.

In the News: More Students Are Taking The ACT, But Few Of Them Are Actually Prepared For College

Roughly one-third of the students who took the ACT last year were judged to be ready for college. Mike Petrilli notes that college completion rates are not likely to be much higher than college readiness rates.

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The Fall 2016 Issue of EdNext is Here!

Our Fall 2016 issue examines surprising contradictions in school reform.

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What Does it Mean to ‘Raise the Bar’ for Entry Into the Teaching Profession?

Policymakers have few useful tools to screen out “bad” teachers from the profession. The current screening tools are doing little more than unnecessarily limiting the supply of new teachers.

Title I Flexibility and Micro ESAs

Instead of continuing with a complex and ineffective maze of Title I regulations, states should have the opportunity to let parents decide how to use Title I dollars.

In the News: Are Poor Students More Prepared for Kindergarten?

A new study finds that school readiness gaps between rich and poor students and between white and minority students are narrowing (as measured at kindergarten entry) but that the gaps are not continuing to close after the children enter school.

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6 Tips From Personalized Learning Innovators Leading Change

Innovators stress that without effective change management, the best technology tools and the most elegant personalized learning models will come up short.

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