Make It Local with In-House Researchers

We need to build a new cadre of researchers employed by school districts, state agencies, and local nonprofits.

Three Features We Hope to See in Future Education Research

If evidence is to drive impact, it must be part of a larger, clearly communicated vision of research integrated with practice.

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Don’t Forget Private, Non-Profit Colleges

The private, non-profit sector may be in a position to contribute even more to the nation’s educational attainment and economic mobility than it currently does.

Tweets as a Window Into Foundation Strategy

What do the grantees of major education reform foundations tweet about?

We Have to Say More About Teacher Evaluation Reforms Than Just “They Didn’t Work”

Rather than turning away from teacher evaluation reform, we should learn from the massive Obama-era effort: what worked and what didn’t work and why.

Making ESSA Work in the States

States and school districts may find it tricky to navigate what is required and how money can be spent, which can lead to funds being used in “safe” and “permissible” ways rather than the ways that educators deem most useful.

In the News: Separate – And Still Unequal

Is integration the only solution?

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In the News: How Farmers, Engineers, and Artists Are Becoming Substitute Teachers

Substitute teachers are almost always put in sink-or-swim situations. Parachute Teachers is trying to change the way substitutes work.

More Money or More Charter Schools?

Letting great educators open up schools is much more cost effective than increasing spending by billions of dollars, which will yield very modest results.

A Rorschach Test for Bias in Education Scholarship

Education scholarship marginalizes itself when it seems to treat the more conservative half of the nation with casual contempt.

Continued Support for Improving the Lowest-Performing Schools

As states take over responsibility for addressing their low-performing schools, they can draw lessons from some SIG successes.

Making Sense of ESSA’s New ‘Direct Student Services’

Direct Student Services gives states new leeway to use some of their federal Title I dollars to expand instructional choice for students.

In the News: Charter School Facts vs. Myths: What NAACP Needs to Learn

The NAACP has been conducting a series of hearings on the topic of whether charter schools are good for children of color.

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Unintended Consequences of Test-Based Accountability

School accountability regimes may be intended to weed out only the “truly dismal,” but they cause all schools to behave in ways they otherwise wouldn’t—including adopting instructional practices and school culture habits we might not want.

With Betsy DeVos as Education Secretary, Parents and Teachers Can Focus on Changing Policies Closer to Home

During her confirmation process, DeVos promised time and again to shrink Uncle Sam’s impact on the nation’s schools.

On Bears and US Secretaries of Education

We should get accustomed to the idea of intense debates over future secretaries for as long as the US Department of Education wields such significant authority.

Teacher Retirement Plans Are Among the Worst in the Country

Public school teachers are enrolled in horribly back-loaded retirement plans. Most teachers won’t be served well by that arrangement.

Charter School Advocates Should Think Twice Before Trashing Vouchers

What’s at stake is not the future of chartering but the future of choice.

In the News: The Comforts of the Betsy DeVos War

Ross Douthat wonders why the Democrats fought so hard against the nomination of Betsy DeVos

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Is Common Core Working? It May Be Too Early to Tell

Early evidence on a policy can turn out to be misleading, or a policy can have delayed effects

To Be an ‘Enemy of Public Education’

The hard-and-fast lines we have drawn between “public” and “private” are a lot blurrier and a lot less useful than we pretend.

How the U.S. Department of Education Can Foster Education Reform in the Era of Trump and ESSA

By shining a spotlight on states with particularly low student performance, the department can bring attention to the struggles facing public education in these states.

Reformers Need to Focus on What Happens Inside the Classroom

Our expensive and aggressive ed reform efforts still focus far too little on what kids do in school all day.

The Patriots and the ‘Unpopular Stuff’ of Excellence

Belichick is doing the hard, unpleasant work of addressing ineptitude and setting a high bar for performance.

In the News: Teachers Keep Teens Learning on Cyber Snow Days

Some schools provide non-traditional instruction using technology on snow days to keep teens on track and prevent the schools from having to make up the missed school days.

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