Reaping the Whirlwind

Union victory on tenure may be short-lived

Virtual Reality Disruption

Will 3-D technology break through to the educational mainstream?

Not Leaving, Just Changing Jobs

This is the last issue of Education Next for which I will serve as editor-in-chief.

Justice Deferred

Supreme Court lets agency fees stand

A Flipping Experiment

Innovative teaching strategies rev up learning

“Children, be quiet and watch your lesson”

The case for video time during class

Teacher, Mentor, Colleague

James Coleman generously shared his knowledge and expertise

James S. Coleman: Education’s North Star

For half a century, Coleman’s work has altered the shape of education research, school politics, and school policy.

Uncommon Confusion

Washington Supreme Court strikes down charter schools

Why Do German Students Learn More, When Their Schools Get Less Money?

Back in 2000, U.S. and German students at age 15 were performing at roughly the same level on international tests . By 2012, German 15-year-olds were outscoring their U.S. peers by 32 points in math, a difference representing more than a year’s worth of learning.

Moving Edtech Forward

School networks AltSchool and Summit are betting on a breakthrough

One Point Short

Let’s not define students by their test scores

The Ideal Blended-Learning Combination

Is one-third computer time about right?

Heading for a Fall

State restrictions on voucher programs rest on shaky foundation

‘No-Racially-Disparate-Discipline’ Policies Opposed by Both Teachers and General Public

In 2014 the U.S. Department of Education and the U.S. Department of Justice, acting together, sent every school district a letter asking local officials to avoid racial bias when suspending or expelling students.

A Day at the Khan Lab School

Inquiry and self-direction guide student learning

Disparate Impact Indeed

Court’s latest ruling will hurt minority students

CREDO Reveals Successful Charters’ Secret Sauce

What are the general lessons to be learned from the many case studies of successful chartering?

What Twitter Says about the Education Policy Debate

And how scholars might use it as a research tool

The Rise of AltSchool and Other Micro-schools

Combinations of private, blended, and at-home schooling meet needs of individual students

We’re All Art Teachers

Don’t try to quantify its worth

Nathan Glazer on Revisiting the Moynihan Report

Fifty years ago the U.S. Department of Labor issued a report that identified a surprising rate of growth in the percentage of African American children born into single-parent families.

Fool’s Gold

Office of Civil Rights takes on school finance

The Meaning of Community at Democracy Prep

School culture supports students and their families

A Tribute to Martha Derthick

With Martha Derthick’s passing on January 12, 2015, America lost one of its preeminent scholars of American politics.

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