Straight Up Conversation: Prepare U Founder Ryan Beale

Prepare U is a new health curriculum for 13- to 18-year-old students designed to address mental-health awareness and help users navigate the challenges of adolescence.

Educational Freedom Isn’t a Threat to Democracy

We do not find any evidence that private school voucher students are either less or more likely to vote in presidential elections than students educated in public schools.

Of Teacher Strikes, Inigo Montoya, and Claims of ‘Justice’

When everyone starts hitching their competing agendas to the siren call of “justice,” public decisions morph into a carnival of clashing absolutes. This makes it harder to find common ground.

Did Tenure Reform in Florida Affect Student Test Scores?

There is some evidence that Florida’s “game changing” tenure reform law of 2011 slightly increased student test achievement in math and reading, and that the gains were more prominent for the lowest-performing students.

Educational ‘Innovation’ Is Only as Good as the Execution

It’s the boring stuff that determines whether “innovative,” “ambitious” ideas deliver, says Chad Vignola of the Literacy Design Collaborative.

Can High School Be Fixed?

It turns out to be extremely hard to formulate any sort of coherent plan for reform at the high school level, and harder still to implement it.

Is Media Coverage of School Choice Biased?

When reporting on similar studies, does the media pay more attention to those that are more negative about school choice?

Democracy Prep Schools Boost Civic Engagement

Democracy Prep increases the voter registration rates of its students by about 16 percentage points and increases the voting rates of its students by about 12 percentage points.

The Financial Stress of Teaching in Regions of Fast Economic Growth

Rising costs are creating substantial economic anxiety among teachers and possibly affecting their teaching practice.

Straight Up Conversation: Playworks CEO and Founder Jill Vialet

Playworks is a nonprofit that partners with schools to use recess and play to improve children’s social-emotional learning and experience in school.

5 Trends for Seeding CBE Growth

As more and more school systems across the country explore competency-based education, we need to be attentive to the processes that will actually allow such innovations to thrive.

Growing Charter Schools Through Federal Opportunity Zones

A new federal tax incentive could hold the key to spurring billions of dollars in investment in low-income areas with limited access to quality public charter school options.

Teacher Strikes Morph from Pocketbook Clash to Partisan Street Theater

The teacher strikes have quickly gone from a plucky fight over paychecks to an increasingly polarizing progressive crusade over tax and spending policy.

Is the High School Graduation Rate Really Going Up?

We would like graduates to meet standards for graduation and not simply leave the system with a piece of paper and deficient skills.

Straight Up Conversation: Skyrocket Founder Michael Sonbert

Michael Sonbert, founder of Skyrocket Educator Training, trains teachers and leaders in 300 urban and turnaround schools.

Should Passing the Citizenship Test Be a High School Graduation Requirement?

Seventeen states say yes but the National Council of the Social Studies says no.

Why Collective Action is the Wrong Approach for Developing Personalized Learning Teachers

We don’t have a clear pipeline for preparing and developing personalized learning teachers. What we really need is a single organization with an integrated solution to show us how to do personalized learning and teacher development really well.

A Disappointing National Report Card

What explains the disappointing results?

Of School Reform, Pyrrhic Victories, and Warning Signs

Some of the frustrations that have bedeviled reforms were foreseeable. If would-be reformers can find ways to engage with discordant voices, they just might have a shot at keeping today’s big victories from turning into tomorrow’s Pyrrhic ones.

The Tax Benefits for Education Don’t Increase Education

Taxpayers have filed for over thirty billion dollars in credits and deductions for college expenses they paid in 2017.

Charter Schools, Segregation, and Anxiety About Social Cohesion

A review of Choosing Charters: Better Schools or More Segregation?

Personalized Learning and Ensuring That Students Learn the Tedious Stuff

How do we ensure that students in self-directed, customized environments still master skills and content that we think critical, but that they may deem tedious, pointless, and unnecessary?

A Flawed Critique of Our School Choice Achievement-Attainment Divide Study

We conducted six formal statistical tests of the hypothesis that school choice test score impacts reliably predict future attainment impacts. Five of the tests did not support the hypothesis. We have subjected our initial findings to a variety of robustness tests, all of which they passed.

Derrell Bradford Is Right: Single-Site Charters Need Support Planning Too

While there is no set script for charter leaders to follow as they consider the next chapter for their organizations, there are proven processes, tools, and best practices they can access to chart their course.

The Problem With Seeking an ‘Innovative’ Schools Chief

When weighing options for new educational leaders, don’t focus on what they’re going to do, focus on how they’re going to do it.

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