Graduation Scandal Shouldn’t Overshadow Successful DCPS Reforms 

The recent furor over District of Columbia high schools issuing dubious diplomas has prompted pundits to declare a decade’s worth of school reform in the nation’s capital a failure.

Has Evaluation Reform Chased Away Competent Would-Be Teachers?

Teacher evaluation reforms seem to have dissuaded new teachers—promising and less so—in equal measure.

A Response to the Authors of “You Can’t Fire the Bad Ones”

One debunks myths with facts, not an alternative narrative.

A Response to Jay Greene’s Review of “You Can’t Fire the Bad Ones”

The issue here is a difference in what we think education is for and what a good education is.

A Confession and a Question on Personalized Learning

Personalized learning, most people think, starts with a map of all the things that kids need to learn.

ACT/SAT for All: A Cheap, Effective Way to Narrow Income Gaps in College

A universal test opens the door to more effective, targeted efforts to draw talented, disadvantaged students into college.

Straight Up Conversation: American Federation for Children President John Schilling

John Schilling is the president of the AFC, one of the nation’s most influential organizations advocating for school choice.

Narrowing the Gifted Gap for Disadvantaged Students

The United States wastes an enormous amount of its human capital by failing to cultivate the innate talents of many of its young people, particularly high-ability girls and boys from disadvantaged and minority backgrounds.

Meta-Analysis Confirms Effectiveness of an Old School Approach: Direct Instruction

Shouldn’t half a century and hundreds of studies be enough to earn Direct Instruction a little respect if education is so evidence-based?

Providing Computers Does Not Improve College Enrollment, Employment, or Earnings

A new study examines the effects of an experiment in which some community college students received free computers and others did not by lottery.

Why We Need State-by-State NAEP Scores for 12th Graders

Participating states would be given a valid and reliable metric for how many of their students are truly college-ready at the end of high school.

Straight Up Conversation: Build UP Founder Mark Martin

Build UP is a workforce development model that provides low-income youth with career-ready skills through paid apprenticeships coupled with appropriate academic coursework.

Consolidation, Collaboration or Closure? How Colleges Stay Alive in 2018

What will 2018 bring? I asked some experts for their best predictions on four key questions.

Building Knowledge to Improve Degree Completion in Community Colleges

Policymakers should take steps to encourage colleges to adopt successful models such as ASAP and the Detroit Promise Path.

Straight Up Conversation: EMERGE Founder Rick Cruz

EMERGE works with high-performing students from underserved backgrounds to prepare them to attend and graduate from selective colleges and universities.

When Catholic Schools Close and Reopen as Charter Schools

Memphis is not the first diocese to work with charter leaders to “convert” struggling urban Catholic schools into public charter schools, but its “conversions” are certainly the most prominent.

A Story, Not a Study

We should judge Milwaukee’s voucher program and the schools that participate in it on the totality of that evidence, not on crude correlations.

The Future of the Charter School Movement Requires a New Political Strategy

The charter movement now has a limited constituency and some real enemies who are not likely to be deflected by facts or argument.

Warren Buffett, Ping-Pong, and School Reform

Our natural, admirable enthusiasm and yearning for “best practices” can turn destructive.

When Public Opinion on Policy Is Driven by Misconceptions, Refute Them

Respondents’ conceptions and support toward Common Core were substantially affected a short, easy-to-read text.

Giving Catholic Schools the Flexibility to Innovate

What if Catholic dioceses reinvented the role they play in school oversight?

Straight Up Conversation: Urban Assembly CEO Kristin Kearns-Jordan

The Urban Assembly is a family of 21 district middle and high schools throughout New York City, plus one start-up charter school.

Emphasis on Thinking Skills over Facts in Schools Contributes to Truth Decay

If educators don’t teach kids to acquire, possess, and value facts, there’s no way they can teach them to value truth.

Education Reform Is Off Track. Here’s How to Fix It.

It was a mistake to assume that education policy, not classroom practice, is the most important lever to pull to drive enduring improvement.

Has the Education Reform Movement Lost Its Way?

Achieving a complex, ambitious goal—like providing all children in this nation with a strong education—requires laser focus, determination, abundant resources, an ability to measure progress, exceptional expertise, and a strong research basis.

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