Game Plan for Learning

Building on Coleman’s early theories, new academic competitions motivate students to achieve

What Matters for Student Achievement

Updating Coleman on the influence of families and schools

The Life and Times of James S. Coleman

Hero and villain of school policy research

Learning English

Accountability, Common Core, and the college-for-all movement are transforming instruction

Teachers Unions at Risk of Losing “Agency Fees”

Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association could fundamentally alter the education labor landscape

Civil Wrongs

Federal equity initiative promotes paperwork, not equality

The 2015 EdNext Poll on School Reform

Public thinking on testing, opt out, common core, unions, and more

Good News for New Orleans

Early evidence shows reforms lifting student achievement

The New Orleans OneApp

Centralized enrollment matches students and schools of choice

The Myth About the Special Education Gap

Charter enrollments driven by parental choices, not discriminatory policies

Wisconsin High Schools Learn from New PISA Test

International comparison drives efforts to improve

The Origins of the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program

Excerpts from No Struggle, No Progress: A Warrior’s Life from Black Power to Education 

What Explains Success at Success Academy?

Charter network focuses on what is being taught, and how

States Raise Proficiency Standards in Math and Reading

Commitments to Common Core may be driving the proficiency bar upward

More Middle-Class Families Choose Charters

A political game changer for public school choice?

Boot Camps for Charter Boards

Finding and training civic-minded leaders

School Reform for Rural America

Innovate with charters, expand career and technical education

Was Moynihan Right?

What happens to children of unmarried mothers

One-Parent Students Leave School Earlier

Education attainment gap widens

How Can Schools Address America’s Marriage Crisis?

Prepare young people for rewarding careers

Purposeful Parenthood

Better planning benefits new parents and their children

Black Men and the Struggle for Work

Social and economic barriers persist

Family Breakdown and Poverty

To flourish, our nation must face some hard truths

An International Look at the Single-Parent Family

Family structure matters more for U.S. students

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