Cami Anderson and the Forces of Unreason

Newark superintendent Cami Anderson came to AEI to give a talk, but the talk had to be relocated and the logistics modified because a busload of Anderson critics pledging to disrupt the event followed her from Newark.

What’s Next for Detroit’s Troubled Schools?

What the city needs is a portfolio manager for its schools.

Why Do “Anti-Corporatists” Defend Factory-Style School Leadership?

There’s little reason to expect that century-old assumptions about how to organize and deliver schooling are the smartest way forward.

Beating the Odds: Some School Boards Can Do It

A new study uses survey data from 900 school board members in 419 school districts.

Mayoral Control in the Windy City

Emanuel battles to improve Chicago schools

Systemic Reform in Kansas City

If the state board of education accepts this plan, things will never be the same. It will be a state-led initiative to replace the urban district as the delivery system for public schooling, thereby breaking with 100 years of history.

The Mayors’ Charter Schools

Innovation facilitates socioeconomic integration and high performance in Rhode Island

What We’re Watching: AEI Event on Cage-Busting Leadership

Chris Barbic, Deb Gist, Kaya Henderson, Adrian Manuel, and Michelle Rhee were at AEI to discuss Rick Hess’s new book on the constraints education leaders face (and imagine).

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Another Real Winner in Wisconsin—Real Clear Politics

My colleagues and I went out on a limb yesterday when we wrote an op-ed piece saying that teacher unions were in trouble. So I watched the news last night with a worried eye after CNN told me that the exit polls in Wisconsin showed a tight race.

A Race to Fix Education Governance?

How very refreshing, even exhilarating, the inclusion of superintendents and boards in a results-based accountability system.

Bush Saves Romney From Etch A Sketch Hell!

As was widely reported Jeb Bush endorsed Mitt Romney yesterday. The Times called it a “coveted endorsement”—and indeed it is, no matter how much fun Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich had at poor Eric Fehrnstrom’s expense.

Obama’s Education Record

Does the reality match the rhetoric?

Rhode Island’s Landmark Pension Reform

Last night, by overwhelming margins, the Rhode Island legislature passed what may be the nation’s most comprehensive state public employee pension reform ever.

Zen and the Art of School Board Maintenance

The problem is that local school boards can’t wait around for the folks who have caused our cancers to cure them.

Leading the Recovery School District Six Years After Katrina

Since May, the leader of the Recovery School District, the state agency that now runs most New Orleans schools, has been John White, a 35-year-old Teach for America alum who had been serving as a deputy chancellor in New York City.

Importing Leaders for Turnarounds

Potentially thousands of leaders capable of managing successful school turnarounds work outside education, in nonprofit and health organizations, the military, and the private sector.

How to Run Public Schools in the 21st Century

Almost everyone who cares about revitalizing American primary-secondary education senses that many of its fundamental structures are archaic and its governance arrangements dysfunctional. Yet any effort to address those problems typically leads either to a glazed look on the visage of the putative audience or else to eye-rolling and shoulder-shrugging.

Anne Bryant: It’s “Wrong” for Unions to “Buy” School Board Seats

The defense of “the school board as we know it” just got dramatically weaker. And Anne Bryant’s place in the pantheon of impatient reformers just got more secure.

The Problems of Education Governance in Twenty-First Century America

The shortcomings of elected local school boards are only the most obvious of the many problems of education governance in the United States in 2011.

Assessing New York’s Commissioner of Education

With Steiner’s sudden resignation, will the state continue its Race to the Top?

The Case Against Michelle Rhee

How persuasive is it?

New Schools in New Orleans

School reform both exhilarated and imperiled by success

Re-Imagining Local Control

Writing last week in the Wall Street Journal, Diane Ravitch challenged resurgent Congressional Republicans to return K-12 education to “local control” and to repudiate and reverse the nationalizing/federalizing tendencies of No Child Left Behind, Race to the Top, Common Core standards, etc.

Toothless Reform?

If the feds get tough, Race to the Top might work

Total Student Load

Review of William Ouchi’s The Secret of TSL

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