Some Perspective on Common Core

I am not against having better learning standards, but I also believe that we cannot be distracted from more fundamental reform of our schools.

Hold Me Accountable on SIG

I’ve predicted that SIG was not going to produce anything remotely close to the results the Department and others were promising. If I got it wrong, I’ll say so.

Uncle Sam Shouldn’t Try to Manage School Staffing

The desire to more evenly distribute effective teachers is laudable, but the feds should take care not to accidentally undermine successful schools, compromise teacher effectiveness, or drive good teachers from the profession.

Arne the Octopus

While Arne Duncan continues to champion ideas that enjoy bipartisan support, his methods have become increasingly imperious.

President Obama’s Not-So-Secret School Accountability Plan

Way back in March of 2010, President Obama released his blueprint for reauthorizing NCLB. Three years later, we’re still operating as if the blueprint never happened, as if three years of policymaking hasn’t happened.

Partisanship and Bipartisanship

Gridlock and stasis don’t seem to be leaving the K–12 space in Washington anytime soon.

The Enduring Saga of SIG Shenanigans

I’ve been yearning for real data showing how the program is doing. I’m not the only one.

Repairing the Conservative School Reform Coalition

For nearly 30 years, education-minded conservatives have embraced a two-part school reform strategy, focused on rigorous standards and parental choice. Recent events have frayed that coalition, but it’s not too late to stitch it back together.

NCLB’s Critical Design Flaw and the Lesson to Take

A decision to focus NCLB reauthorization on promoting transparency, honest measurements of spending and achievement, and on ensuring that constitutional protections are respected ought not be seen as a retreat from NCLB but as an attempt to have the feds do what they can do sensibly and well.

Ending the SEA As We Know It

While working for the New Jersey Department of Education, I consistently struggled with a basic problem. My organization wasn’t designed to do the things that our leadership team prioritized.

Obama for Governor!

But first clean up Head Start

The Unheralded Virtues of Grown-Up Policymaking, New Jersey-style

How New Jersey has tried to bridge the gap between policy and practice on teacher evaluations.

The Edu-Capture of NCLB

Is it right to set lower standards of academic performance for students from minority groups?

Obama the Education Spending Hawk

It’s a safe bet that an Obama victory will mean more federal funding for education than would a Romney victory. But, either way, federal edu-spending is going to be on a lean diet for a good, long while.

Obama Administration and K-12: The Good and the Bad

We’re rolling into the final sprint to the election; this makes it a good time to look back at what the Obama administration has done with its time in office.

Maintenance of Inefficiency

School district officials who have attempted to do more with less have been stymied by federal maintenance-of-effort requirements for special education.

Flap in Virginia Shows Reformers’ Fealty to Ideology over Implementation

No Child Left Behind’s aspirational aims were more effective as rhetoric than as an accountability regime.

Why the Latest Race to the Top Competition Matters

The Department of Education’s latest foray into digital learning is a big deal.

Even with Limited Leverage, Uncle Sam Can Promote School Choice

Romney’s plan to voucherize Title I and IDEA has considerable merit—but it’s not the only way the federal government could foster school choice and it might not even be the best way.

Do We Need National Standards to Prevent a Race to the Bottom?

If a race to the bottom is fueled by the desire to satisfy federal bureaucratic rules, why would we think the solution is in the adoption of more federal bureaucratic rules?

‘Vouchers Unspoken,’ Predictable—But Unproductive

Whatever its other virtues or defects, Romney’s plan should be debated on the basis of what it actually proposes—and not a politically-colored version thereof.

Innosight Institute’s Comments on Race to the Top District Draft

We hope that Race to the Top-District competition encourages substantive student-centered reform, and in order to ensure this clear purpose we have a few suggested revisions.

The Romney Education Plan: Replacing Federal Overreach on Accountability with Federal Overreach on School Choice

A better idea might be to take a page from the Obama Administration handbook and make funding portability voluntary.

When Washington Focuses on Schools

Uncle Sam is dreadful at micromanaging what actually happens in schools and classrooms. What he’s best at is setting agendas and driving priorities.

A States’ Rights Insurrection Led by…California?

Three cheers for California’s governor, state superintendent, and state board chair, for applying for a waiver from NCLB that doesn’t kowtow to Washington.

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