Unions Love Social Security. They Just Don’t Want it for All Their Workers

Over 6 million public sector workers are not covered by Social Security, including about 1.2 million public school teachers.

Is the Friedrichs Case an ‘Existential Threat’ to the Teachers’ Unions?

The Supreme Court has a chance to strike down union agency fees.

Teachers and the Public Oppose Agency Fees Charged By Teachers Unions

Judging by a recent survey, a plurality of the American public and an equally large share of teachers oppose forced union payments.

Behind the Headline: Supreme Court Takes Up Major Case on Public Sector Union Fees

The Supreme Court announced today that it will hear a case brought by ten teachers who say that California’s requirement that they pay the equivalent of union dues violates their free speech rights.

Memo to Teachers’ Unions: Now Might Be a Good Time to Start Panicking

In Friedrichs, ten California teachers are arguing that agency fees (combined with onerous “opt-out” procedures) violate their rights to freedom of speech and association

Teachers Union in New York City Pushes Property Tax Change to Boost Teacher Hiring

By going back to the tried-and-true rhetoric of class size reduction, the teachers union would like to distract attention from any alternative school improvement policies.

Teachers’ Unions Support Local Collective Bargaining…Except When it Comes to Their Pensions

Teachers might prefer a different arrangement than current state pension plans, but they don’t really have a voice in those decisions.

Teachers Unions and the Common Core

Standards inspire collaboration and dissent

Teachers Unions and the War Within

Making sense of the conflict

Whither the NEA?

Perhaps the historic coupling of the NEA and the Democratic Party is loosening a bit.

Vergara, Harris, and the Fate of the Teacher Unions

We’re in a period of profound change in teacher-union leadership, with more combative leaders in ascendance, But what the unions really need are leaders able to craft winning platforms with a new orientation.

Five Thoughts on Randi Weingarten’s AEI Remarks

Why teachers unions and school reformers distrust each other and where they might find common ground.

Behind the Headline: Teachers Unions Threaten Common Core Implementation

The Washington Post editorial board notes that teachers unions are beginning to push back against the Common Core standards in several states.

The Education Iron Triangle

An excerpt from Teachers Versus the Public

Common Core: Teachers’ Unions Think Again

As implementation nears, they aren’t liking what they see.

Behind the Headline: Wisconsin Supreme Court Considers Stay in Act 10 Case

The Wisconsin Supreme Court may quickly block a lower court judge’s ruling against Act 10, which limited collective bargaining for public workers. An article in the Fall 2013 issue of Ed Next looked at the impact of Act 10 on education in the state.

Paycheck Protection

Court upholds Michigan law forbidding public schools from collecting union dues through payroll deductions

Teachers Union Poll Is Not Credible

The AFT’s poll supposedly shows that American parents don’t support education reform. That’s because some of the AFT’s questions were designed to push respondents into giving the answers the AFT wanted.

Behind the Headline: Understanding NEA’s Current Membership Numbers

The National Education Association has roughly 3 million members, but it is tough to come up with an exact number.

Behind the Headline: Scott Walker Makes 57 Vetoes, Signs $68 Billion Wisconsin Budget

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker signed the state”s 2013-2015 budget bill on Sunday after exercising his "partial veto" power to strike 57 words and phrases from the budget.

Limits on Collective Bargaining

Wisconsin succeeds in cutting costs

Let a New Teacher-Union Debate Begin

Examining the power—and the impact—of education’s 800-pound gorilla

How to Stymie the Teachers Unions

Want to prevent another Chicago? Let charter schools flourish.

Behind the Headline: Seeking Allies, Teachers’ Unions Court GOP Too

On Top of the News Seeking Allies, Teachers’ Unions Court GOP Too New York Times| 9/25/12 Behind the Headline The Long Reach of Teachers’ Unions Education Next| Fall 2010 In this morning’s New York Times, Motoko Rich writes about the growth in donations made by teachers unions to support Republican candidates. Mike Antonucci had an […]

The Chicago Strike’s Silver Lining

What this episode demonstrated was that what teacher unions care about has practically nothing to do with what’s good for the kids and everything to do with what teachers want for themselves.

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