The Problem with Preschool for All

The campaign for universal preschool has gained great momentum, but a troubling contradiction casts a shadow over this movement. The main argument that preschool advocates make is that we need to give disadvantaged kids a boost up the ladder of educational success. Helping the least advantaged kids catch up would require intensive programs starting early […]

Will Universal Preschool Help Poor Kids?

Video: Chester E. Finn, Jr. talks with Education Next about the contradictions behind the push for for universal preschool.

The Preschool Picture

Universal preschool will be a boon for middle-class parents. How it will help poor kids catch up is not so obvious.

Preschool Puzzle

As state after state expands pre-K schooling, questions remain

By Douglas Besharov and Craig Ramey    Early Childhood and Preschool, Features, Forum  

Competing Visions

Head Start gets a makeover. President Bush proposes to refocus Head Start on the teaching of academic skills. Should Democrats go along?

By RON HASKINS    Early Childhood and Preschool, Features  
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