What We’re Watching: Building a Better Teacher

Fordham will host a conversation with Elizabeth Green, author of Building a Better Teacher, on Tuesday, Sept. 2 at 4 p.m.

What We’re Watching: Education and Opportunity Book Launch

On Wednesday, Sept. 3 at noon, AEI will host a launch event for “Education and Opportunity,” a new book by Mike McShane.

What We’re Listening To: A Tale of Two Polls

A story on NPR’s Morning Edition looks into why two new surveys come to different conclusions about the extent of support for the Common Core.

What We’re Watching: The Vergara Fight Goes Coast to Coast

Mike Petrilli and Mike McShane discuss the spread of legal challenges to state laws governing teacher tenure, dismissal, and seniority.

Ed Next Book Club: Elizabeth Green on Building a Better Teacher

Mike Petrilli interviews Elizabeth Green about her new book on great teaching.

What We’re Watching: How Teacher Evaluations Can Improve Teacher Performance

Eric Taylor of Stanford University explains the findings of a study on the effects of high-quality teacher evaluations on teacher performance.

What We’re Watching: Saving Schools MOOC

A free online course on history, politics, and policy in American education, taught by Paul E. Peterson, will begin on Sept. 8.

What We’re Watching: Are U.S. Schools Prepared for Migrant Students?

Nina Rees discusses how schools will need to respond to rising numbers of unaccompanied children crossing the border.

What We’re Watching: OECD Test for Schools

Schools that want to see if they are holding their students to high standards can test their students using an exam given around the globe. A story on PBS Newshour takes a close look at the test.

What We’re Watching: Steering Great Leaders into the Principal’s Office

On January 31, Fordham hosted a panel discussion on their latest report, “Lacking Leaders: The Challenges of Principal Recruitment, Selection, and Placement.”

What We’re Watching: Underwater Dreams

Four undocumented teenagers from a high-poverty high school in Phoenix win a national robotics competition in this documentary produced by Jeb Bush, Jr.

What We’re Listening To: What’s In the Common Core Math Standards?

Jason Zimba, one of the lead authors of the Common Core math standards, talks about what’s in the standards.

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What We’re Watching: Common Core: Realities of the Rollout

Fordham’s Amber Northern talks about Common Core implementation at the EWA’s 67th National Seminar.

What We’re Listening To: The Children We Mean to Raise

On EdCast, Richard Weissbourd talks about his new report, which finds that children are more concerned with achievement than with being a good person.

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What We’re Watching: Live Online Speech Therapy

Students in Fowler USD, a school district in California facing financial challenges, can access speech therapy online.

What We’re Watching: Why More States are Backing Off Common Core

Jeffrey Brown of PBS NewsHour talks with Rick Hess and Carmel Martin.

What We’re Watching: Game Brings History to Life

Middle school students play “Mission US,” an online adventure game that immerses students in American history.

What We’re Watching: Should School Principals Be Treated Like CEOs?

Amber Northern appears on Huffington Post Live Monday at 2:30 pm to discuss the challenges of principal recruitment, selection, and placement.

What We’re Watching: Arne Duncan on New Roles for Teachers

Addressing a Leading Educators conference, Arne Duncan says we need to give teachers more opportunities to influence education policy without having to leave their teaching jobs.

What We’re Watching: On the Rocketship

On June 26 at 4pm, the Fordham Institute will host a panel to discuss Richard Whitmire’s new book, On the Rocketship: How Top Charter Schools are Pushing the Envelope.

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What We’re Watching: A Roadmap for Common Core Transition

The Center for American Progress hosted a forum on Common Core implementation.

Ed Next Book Club: Richard Whitmire on On the Rocketship

Mike Petrilli interviews Richard about his new book about the high-performing Rocketship charter network.

What We’re Watching: Kaya Henderson on D.C. Public Schools

DC Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson talks with Andy Rotherham while driving through DC.

What We’re Listening To: The Debate Over Tenure for Teachers

A superintendent, a teachers union president, and a reporter debate teacher tenure in light of a court ruling that found the policy unconstitutional.

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What We’re Watching: The Authorizer Effect

The EWA national seminar included a panel on the impact of high-quality charter authorizing.

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