Early Retirement Payoff

Incentive programs for veteran teachers may boost student achievement

The Texas Ten Percent Plan’s Impact on College Enrollment

Students go to public universities instead of private ones

The Kalamazoo Promise Scholarship

College funds boost grades of African American students

Choosing the Right Growth Measure

Methods should compare similar schools and teachers

The Educational Value of Field Trips

Taking students to an art museum improves critical thinking skills, and more

Graduations on the Rise

The 2000s saw boost in U.S. students completing high school

Expanding College Opportunities

Intervention yields strong returns for low-income high-achievers

The School Inspector Calls

Low ratings drive improvements for schools in England

The Impact of School Vouchers on College Enrollment

African Americans benefited the most

Online Learning in Higher Education

Study finds that students enrolled in a large “hybrid” course learned as much as students in a traditional course, at substantial cost savings

The Rising Cost of Teachers’ Health Care

Insurance costs for teachers are 26 percent higher than they are for private-sector professionals

School Leaders Matter

Measuring the impact of effective principals

By Gregory F. Branch,  , and   Journal, Research  

A Double Dose of Algebra

Intensive math instruction has long-term benefits

Can Teacher Evaluation Improve Teaching?

Evidence of systematic growth in the effectiveness of midcareer teachers

Great Teaching

Measuring its effects on students’ future earnings

Do Schools Begin Too Early?

The effect of start times on student achievement

The Middle School Plunge

Achievement tumbles when young students change schools

Does School Choice Reduce Crime?

Evidence from North Carolina

Poor Results for High Achievers

New evidence on the impact of gifted and talented programs

Principled Principals

New evidence from Chicago shows they fire the least effective teachers

Managing the Teacher Workforce

The consequences of “last in, first out” personnel policies

Sage on the Stage

Is lecturing really all that bad?

Evaluating Teacher Effectiveness

Can classroom observations identify practices that raise achievement?

Merit Pay International

Countries with performance pay for teachers score higher on PISA tests

Does Whole-School Performance Pay Improve Student Learning?

Evidence from the New York City schools

By Sarena Goodman and Lesley Turner    Journal, On Top of the News, Research, School Spending  
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