Title IX at Trial

If you schedule it, will they come?

Door Still Closed

Alabama plaintiffs lose federal school finance challenge

Mickey Mouse Strikes Back

Voucher wars heat up in Colorado

Budget Buster

Teachers sue to protect pensions

Trouble in Kansas

Parents in a wealthy district sue to pay more taxes

Thou Shalt Not Say Jesus

Do elementary school students have free-speech rights?

The Ninth Circuit v. Reality

Highly qualified teachers don’t grow on trees

Educational Providence

New York courts close one door, federal money opens another


New front opens in the math wars

No Federal Case

Court says charter school is not a state actor

Strange Bedfellows

Students find unexpected ally in the Christian Right

Supreme Modesty

From strip searches to school funding, the Court treads lightly

Credits Crunched

Arizona rulings hit scholarships and special education vouchers

Another Lemon

Florida’s charters under attack


Schools Win in Court

Court Jousters

Plaintiffs exploit weaknesses in NCLB

Free and Appropriate

Parent's wealth muddies special-education tuition case

Doubtful Jurisprudence

Court offers schools little guidance

Courts and Choice

Testing the constitutionality of charters and vouchers

The Enforcers

Parents may gain right to sue over NCLB

Adequately Fatigued

Court rulings disappoint plaintiffs

Affirmative Action Docketed

The Supreme Court takes up race-based school assignment

No Lawsuit Left Behind

Chief Justice Roberts, the schoolmaster?

By MICHAEL HEISE    The Legal Beat  

Florida Grows a Lemon

Florida’s supreme court is no stranger to political warfare. Before the U.S. Supreme Court decided Bush v. Gore in favor of George W. Bush, the Florida court had ruled in favor of Al Gore. And the same court played a crucial role in the state’s extraction of an $11.3 billion settlement from the tobacco industry […]

A Setback in Dover

Last rites for Intelligent Design

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