Behind the Headline: U.S. Wants Teacher Training Programs to Track How Graduates’ Students Perform

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U.S. Wants Teacher Training Programs to Track How Graduates’ Students Perform
11/26/14 | New York Times

Behind the Headline
21st Century Teacher Education
Summer 2013| Education Next

The Department of Education released proposed rules yesterday that will require states to rate teacher preparation programs on measures that will include the academic performance of the students of their graduates, which the teacher preparation programs must track. These ratings may be used to determine which teacher training programs are eligible to receive certain federal grants. The proposed rules will be subject to public comment for 60 days.

Stephen Sawchuk of Teacher Beat provides more details on the proposed regulations here.

In an article for Education Next, Kate Walsh of the National Center for Teacher Quality explores why most ed schools have been doing a poor job of training teachers.

-Education Next

A Better Path Than ‘Blowing Up’ Schools of Education

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Given their steady revenues, credentialing authority, political relationships, and millions of alumni not much interested in major change, “blowing up” the existing schools of education is just not a viable option. It’s not even a desirable one.

A Five Point Plan To Resuscitate Catholic Schools

Two big changes in American education policy have been good for kids in general, but not particularly good for Catholic schools, especially the urban variety.

Illinois Turns Its Back to the Future

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A court ruling is potentially very problematic for new teachers and those who aren’t yet teaching.

D.C.’s Outstanding and Improving Charter School Sector

By 11/24/2014 1 Comment

Test scores in D.C. offer reason to believe that chartering—if done smartly—can replace the district system for delivering public education in America’s cities.

Behind the Headline: Snyder Aims to Revamp Detroit Schools

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City and state officials are looking into ways of reorganizing the school system in Detroit, and are getting advice from Paul Pastorek, who helped turn around the school district in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

Behind the Headline: Modern-Day Segregation in Public Schools

The Department of Education’s Civil Rights Division is taking on tracking and ability grouping in school districts where they lead to unequal racial representation in high-level classes, charging that black students are not being provided an equal opportunity to participate in advanced learning opportunities.

Education Innovation: Lessons from Latin America

By Guest Blogger 11/21/2014 1 Comment

Perhaps the most surprising recent phenomenon in Latin America has been the extent to which entrepreneurs, companies, and investors, are getting involved in education.

Behind the Headline: Jeb Bush Speech Will Add to 2016 Election Intrigue

By 11/19/2014 0 Comments

On Thursday, Jeb Bush will give a speech in Washington, D.C. at his think tank’s annual conference.

How To Get Blended Learning Right

By 11/19/2014 0 Comments

What happens when reformers try to use blended learning in a disruptive way in the hardest-to-serve parts of Detroit?

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