Transforming High School Through Self-Directed Learning

By Guest blogger 08/23/2017

A collaboration between a nonprofit and a city won a $10 million grant from XQ Super School Project to open Powderhouse.

To Compete with Charter Schools, Take a Closer Look at the What the Competition is Doing

By 08/23/2017

In this post, I’ll discuss the third step, rethink the conventional wisdom of the traditional and reform sectors in budgeting, programming, and parent engagement.

Don’t Complain About Charter Schools, Compete With Them

By 08/22/2017

For district leaders, tuning out the education reform debate is the first big step in adapting to—and surviving—charter growth.

Betsy DeVos Promotes Parents as First Line of Defense on School Accountability

By 08/22/2017

But is the parent marketplace a good enough mechanism for gauging and producing effective schools of choice?

Choosing a Curriculum: A Critical Act

By 08/21/2017

The content that teachers deliver in the classroom matters just as much as how effectively they deliver it.

In the News: The Oldest Kids in the Class May Get an Edge in College Admissions

By 08/21/2017

A new study evaluates whether students who are the oldest in their class have an advantage over their younger peers.

In the News: Why Principals Lie to Ineffective Teachers — Honesty Takes Too Long

By 08/18/2017

In the Washington Post, Jay Mathews considers whether any progress has been made in fixing the teacher evaluation systems that generally result in all teachers being rated satisfactory.

Adding Pre-K to Renaissance Charter School

By Guest blogger 08/18/2017

What New York City’s Pre-K For All initiative has meant for a charter school.

When it Comes to Education, Are Californians Unique?

By 08/17/2017

The Californians who participated in the 2017 Education Next survey of American adults have views that are different from the national sample on only a few issues.

Support for Common Standards Has Rebounded

By 08/17/2017

Local control has its place—but, as Americans told Education Next, it also has its limits.

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