Straight Up Conversation: 2017 National History Teacher of the Year Sara Ziemnik

By 10/20/2017

Rick Hess chats with Sara Ziemnik about teaching history and how to nurture open and respectful debate in an era of polarization and general nastiness.

In the News: How Teach for America Lost Its Way

By 10/19/2017

In Commentary, Sohrab Ahmari makes the case that Teach for America, once a leading light of the education reform movement, has now transformed itself into an arm of the progressive movement.

5 School-Improvement Tips for Civic and Community Leaders

By 10/18/2017

In many places, perhaps the most important mission for civic leaders is to provide the persistence, patience, and maturity that can help turn a vicious cycle into a virtuous one.

Changing Support for Charter Schools Among Republicans

By 10/17/2017

Why has support for the schools declined and what could turn that around?

In the News: Eli Broad, Giant of Education Philanthropy, is Retiring

By 10/17/2017

Last week, Eli Broad announced that he would be retiring from his work at the Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation in order to spend more time with his family.

The Pell Grant Proxy: A Ubiquitous But Flawed Measure of Low-income Student Enrollment

By 10/16/2017

Policymakers use the Pell Grant program to measure the share of low-income students enrolled at specific universities, but the reliability of this measure is rarely scrutinized.

About That ‘White Supremacist’ Bedsheet Which Greeted Betsy DeVos’ Speech at Harvard

By 10/13/2017

Today, let’s set aside the Beltway stuff to talk a bit about that sign and what lately strikes me as the remarkably promiscuous use of that term—white supremacist—in education circles.

Has Eva Moskowitz Gone Too Far on Parent Accountability?

By 10/12/2017

Success Academy Schools have begun sending home “Parent Investment Cards” evaluating how well parents are meeting their responsibilities.

In the News: ‘Open’ Curricula Offerings Expand to Social Studies

By 10/12/2017

The Core Knowledge Foundation has released a free online social studies curriculum for grades 3 to 5.

Education Philanthropists Should Walk the Walk on Accountability

By 10/11/2017

The other week, I called out teachers unions for failing to “walk the walk”; I think the same admonition can be applied to education funders, big time.

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