Why Disparate Impact Theory Is a Bad Fit for School Discipline

By 01/11/2018

Jumping to conclusions from districts’ raw discipline data ought to end.

5 Big Ideas for Education Innovation in 2018

By 01/11/2018

Last year saw a flurry of activity in support of personalized learning, new school designs, and new approaches to K-12 education policy. Looking ahead, education innovators have their work cut out for them in 2018.

In the News: iPhones and Children Are a Toxic Pair, Say Two Big Apple Investors

By 01/10/2018

Two large investors are asking Apple to do more to address the overuse of cell phones by kids.

Bridging the College Completion Gap with Comprehensive Systems of Support

By and 01/09/2018

The Dell Scholars program improves students’ year-over-year college persistence, academic achievement, and bachelor’s degree attainment.

8 Education Stories We’ll Be Reading in 2018

By 01/05/2018

As we wade into 2018, I thought I’d give my not-so-famed prognostication skills a spin.

In the News: Trump Taps Stanford Researcher for NCES Commissioner

By 01/05/2018

James (Lynn) Woodworth has been named the new commissioner of the National Center for Education Statistics.

Are We Committed to Raising School Standards?

By 01/04/2018

Here are some recent signs of the deep ambivalence we have toward the steps that would actually have to be taken to transform our education outcomes.

In the News: Schools Closed, Roads Clogged, Trains Delayed: Snowstorm Lashes New York City

By 01/04/2018

A study by Josh Goodman challenges the conventional wisdom that the number of school days cancelled due to snow has a significant impact on student learning.

Education Reform Developments to Watch For in 2018

By 01/04/2018

The big stories will be NAEP scores, the Janus Supreme Court case, gubernatorial elections, school discipline, and school ratings.

My Education Resolution for 2018

By 01/03/2018

We’re swimming in noise. There’s a yawning need for reflection and a willingness to listen to one another.

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