Behind the Headline: Charter School Battle Erodes Middle Ground

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On Top of the News
Charter School Battle Erodes Middle Ground
7/13/14 | Boston Globe

Behind the Headline
Boston and the Charter School Cap
Winter 2014 | Education Next

In Boston, the debate over whether to raise the cap on charter school spending is becoming more and more polarized. A feature story by Jim Peyser in the Winter 2014 issue of Ed Next looked at charter school growth in Boston and at political resistance to continued growth.

-Education Next

How Does Teacher Attrition Compare to Other Professions?

By 07/14/2014 1 Comment

Of the college graduates who became teachers, 30 percent left within six years.

Implementing Common Core: Curriculum Part 2

By 07/14/2014 0 Comments

A look at key curricular decisions that will be encountered as CCSS makes its way through the school system and the potential political controversies that this process may provoke.

Behind the Headline: How D.C. Got To Be an Education Hot Spot

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Richard Whitmire looks at the evolving competition between district schools and charter schools in Washington, D.C. in an op-ed in the Washington Post.

Whither the NEA?

Perhaps the historic coupling of the NEA and the Democratic Party is loosening a bit.

Disruptive Innovation And Education

By 07/11/2014 1 Comment

Disrupting our K–12 schools or our public school districts is impossible today because there is no nonconsumption of education in this country, but helping our schools use disruptive innovation to disrupt the classroom—the way they arrange teaching and learning—is possible.

Teacher Pensions, Recruitment, and Retention

By 07/09/2014 0 Comments

Are state pension plans a recruitment or retention incentive for teachers? It’s complicated, but many of the claims about the value of pensions don’t stand up to scrutiny.

Design Matters: The Future of School Choice

By 07/09/2014 0 Comments

Policymakers should learn from other states’ experience when designing their own scholarship tax credit laws.

On School Discipline, Let’s Not Repeat All Our Old Mistakes

President Obama’s policy will have a predictable effect: eliminating suspensions and expulsions as an option for school administrators.

Breaking Down “The Chartered Course”

By 07/09/2014 2 Comments

The charter school sector has potentially valuable lessons for private school leaders.

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