Education Reforms Should Obey Campbell’s Law

By 06/12/2018

When a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure.

New Evidence on the Benefits of Small Group Math Instruction for Young Children

By and 06/11/2018

Small group instruction is ubiquitous in elementary schools when it comes to reading, but not for math. This study provides some preliminary evidence that small group instruction may be a promising approach for math instruction as well.

EdStat: Six States have Passed Right-to-Work Legislation in the Past Eight Years

By 06/08/2018

An upcoming Supreme Court decision might end the controversial practice of allowing public-sector unions to collect agency fees.

Straight Up Conversation: AVID CEO Sandy Husk

By 06/08/2018

Advancement via Individual Determination (AVID) is one of the nation’s largest programs working to close the opportunity gap by training over 70,000 teachers a year on instructional strategies.

EdStat: In 2016, Raising Blended Learners Chose Five “Demonstration Sites” to Receive Grants of up to $500,000 Over Three Years

By 06/06/2018

These sites had mixed to modest gains in student achievement, though educators report greater student ownership of learning and fewer disciplinary problems.

A Wealth of Wisdom From a Charter School Pioneer

By 06/06/2018

A review of Passionate Warrior: My Charter School Journey by Jacqueline Elliot

How Governors Can Give All Students ‘Freshman Year for Free’

By and 06/05/2018

As the rising costs of tuition and fees outpace increases in financial aid and student debt skyrockets, there has never been a more critical time to bring innovation to our higher education system.

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