EdStat: 51 Percent of Parents Support Homeschooling

By 03/05/2018

According to the 2017 EdNext Poll, 51 percent of parents support homeschooling, while just 29 percent oppose it.

Influx of Haitian Refugees in Florida Didn’t Hurt Student Outcomes

By and 03/05/2018

We present the first evidence on the effects of a large influx of refugees or disaster-fleeing migrants on the educational outcomes of incumbent students.

EdStat: 76 Percent of Indiana’s Private Schools Participate in the Indiana Choice Scholarship Program

By 03/02/2018

Roughly 76 percent of Indiana’s private schools take part in the Indiana Choice Scholarship Program, including almost 100 percent of Indiana’s Catholic schools.

What Have We Learned From Three Studies of Private School Choice?

By 03/02/2018

Understanding the effect of private school choice on real-world success beyond test scores requires data on outcomes like college enrollment and graduation, and thanks to three recent Urban Institute studies, we know more about this than we did a year ago.

EdStat: States’ Teacher Pension Plans Are Now Underfunded by $500 Billion

By 03/01/2018

States’ teacher pension plans have been managed so poorly that they’re now underfunded by $500 billion.

2017 NAEP Scores Coming Next Month: Why the Scores Matter

By 03/01/2018

NAEP scores and trends have great value and reveal much that’s important to know.

The Spring 2018 Issue of Education Next is here!

By 02/28/2018

In the Spring 2018 issue cover story, we present evidence on the spillover effects of charter schools on nearby district-school students.

EdStat: 19 Percent of Arizona Public-School Students Were Enrolled in Charter Schools in 2014

By 02/28/2018

With 19 percent of its public-school students enrolled in charter schools, Arizona was the state with the highest percentage of charter-school students in 2014.

Democrats Are In Denial About Teacher Pensions

By 02/28/2018

Earlier this month the Democrats on the Joint Economic Committee issued a report called “Retirement Security in Peril.” While they get some facts right, they also miss the forest for the trees.

EdStat: 19 States Permit Charter Schools to Opt Out of State Retirement Plans

By 02/27/2018

In 19 states, charter schools can offer their teachers an alternative to state retirement plans.

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