EdNext Reader Poll: Arne Duncan’s Job Performance

By 06/29/2012

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Last week our poll question was:

“In some parts of the country, a majority of parents whose children attend a low-performing traditional public school can sign a petition requiring the district to convert the school into a charter. What do you think of this policy?”

The results were as follows:

Completely support – 34%
Somewhat support – 20%
Neither support nor oppose – 6%
Somewhat oppose – 13%
Completely oppose – 27%

This week we want to know:

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  • Anthony Cody says:

    Educators issued a VAM report for Secretary Duncan a few months ago. The data did not show a lot of value added.


  • MRM says:

    NCLB required that educators be “HIGHLY QUALIFIED.” As the nation’s top education leader, Arne Duncan’s appointment is a farce, a misappropriation of power, and essentially illegal since he has no background in education. He is now trying to rewrite NCLB, even though constitutionally it is outside the power granted to the Administrative Branch. Although as it was written, NCLB granted the Secretary of Education the right to waive some of the provisions of the law, attaching strings to those waivers is tantamount to writing new legislation and is clearly unconstitutional.

  • Theresa Turner says:

    He is so out of touch with American education he absolutely deserves to flunk. But then we would have to deal with him for another year. I say expel him!

    There are others out there that would be worthy leaders of the department of education. The name Diane Ravitch comes to mind….

  • Marilynn Newman says:

    Charter schools rob public education of much needed funds. Charter schools such as Kipp Academy have not done any better at education than public schools. Charter schools’ teachers do not have the same benefit of salary and insurance as public school teachers. The company that operates the charter school operates at a private school funded by public moneys. Personally, I think it is a huge rip off of our tax dollars as well as the education of our future adults.

  • Horace Mann says:

    Duncan does not need a grade given, he needs permanently expelled. Visit dumpduncan.org to find out more.

  • John says:

    Ironically it looks like the lower the grade, the more he is doing to change the status quo. F- anyone?

  • Linda says:

    Arne Duncan failed in Chicago and he is a failure in DC. When is he held accountable? He can repeat the reformer buzz words and hold states hostage to his carrot and stick approach, but he will have not impact on teaching and learning. Another bureaucratic talking head who never spent a day teaching children.

  • Sanford Silverstein says:

    Arne Duncun proves the Peter Principle: Incompetency rises to the top!

  • Ed Johnson says:

    Forget not who chose corporatist Arne Duncan to be US Secretary of Education.

  • rebecca jompulsky says:

    I give him an F for having states “race” for funds. Just give us the money and stop playing games. Seeing Duncan pal around with the likes of the Washington DC schools chief (can’t recall her name) who was nothing but a fraud makes me wretch. He and the likes of her do nothing but scapegoat teachers as a cheap newsbite. Women and children are the constituents here and neither valued nor respected. Union busting is central. Shame on an otherwise noble president for appointing and supporting the policies of Duncan. I have a good mind not to vote for him because of his failed education policies.

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