EdNext Readers Poll: Is teaching more of an art or more of a science?

By 07/20/2012

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Is teaching more of an art or more of a science? The answer will surely impact how we recruit, train, and evaluate teachers. What do you think?

If you want to give this question some more thought, Dan Willingham asked (and answered) it in an 8-minute video he created and posted a couple of months ago.*

(Robert Pondiscio described the video and analyzed Willingham’s answer to the question on the Core Knowledge blog.)

Diane Ravitch looked at the question in the pages of Education Next back in 2004.

Doug Lemov’s analysis of techniques used by effective teachers in his book Teach Like a Champion suggests a slightly different answer. (The book was reviewed here by (who else?) Robert Pondiscio. Ed Next’s Mike Petrilli interviewed Lemov about the book here.

You can check back next Friday to see the results of this week’s poll and to read some of the most interesting comments.

-Education Next

*If you want to read more from Dan Willingham, his new book, When Can You Trust the Experts? How to Tell Good Science from Bad in Education, is just out and you can read the first chapter for free.

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