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Summer 2007 / Vol. 7, No. 3

In Low-Income Schools, Parents Want Teachers Who Teach

In affluent schools, other things matter

Teacher’s Little Helper

New technologies target teacher performance

Politics First, Students Last

A well-heeled commission issues a weak-kneed report

Confessions from the Classroom

How do teachers know they're working hard enough?

By Katherine Newman  

Curriculum Wars

Ancient and Modern

By David Steiner  

Three Rs and a V

Schools should teach the importance of voting

Pressure Cooker

Teens at the top pay a price

By Diane Ravitch  

Readers Respond

Catholic schools; teacher dispositions; private placements; teacher certification

By Education Next  

The Confidence Men

Selling adequacy, making millions

Power Struggle in Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Unified School District once again finds itself positioned for great things—or grave disappointment. The district has an ambitious building plan, and a tough-talking retired admiral sits in the superintendent’s chair. The legislature passed a bill in 2006 that gives Mayor Villaraigosa greater control over the schools, but a lawsuit holds up his […]

By Education Next  

A Ray of Hope

Politics may still save L.A. schools

By Charles Taylor Kerchner  

A Murky Picture

An attempted takeover goes awry

By Daniel Weintraub  

Pre-K 101

Who should control a four-year-old’s education — the government or parents?

By Stephen Goldsmith and Nina Shokraii Rees  

Indianapolis Mayor Bart Peterson

The Peyton Manning of charter schools

By David Skinner  

The Lucy Calkins Project

Parsing a self-proclaimed literacy guru

By Barbara Feinberg  
Features, On Top of the News, Teachers and Teaching  

The Education Governor

An interview with Florida governor Jeb Bush

By Education Next  

The 21 studies that generated the findings in “Civics Exam: Schools of Choice Boost Civic Values”

Campbell, David E. 2001a. “Civic Education: Readying Massachusetts’ Next Generation of Citizens.” White Paper 17, Boston: Pioneer Institute for Public Policy Research. Available by request of the author, ———. 2001b. “Making Democratic Education Work.” In Charters, Vouchers, and Public Education, edited by Paul E. Peterson and David E. Campbell. Washington, DC: Brookings, pp. 241-67. […]

By Education Next  

Civics Exam

Schools of choice boost civic values

Adequately Fatigued

Court rulings disappoint plaintiffs

Texas Hold’em

Secretary Spellings – the ace in Bush’s hand

By Michelle R. Davis  

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