Education Next Issue Cover

Winter 2007 / Vol. 7, No. 1

New Leaders for Troubled Schools

Jacquelyn Davis works with D.C.’s education bureaucracy

Photo Finish

Teacher Certification Doesn’t Guarantee a Winner

By Jonah E. Rockoff, Douglas O. Staiger and  

Readers Respond

Teacher Gender; Hope in New Orleans; Miracle Math; PE in Schools; Newark’s Cory Booker; National Standards

By Education Next  

Reflections on the One-Room Schoolhouse

If children showed any aptitude and ambition for learning, they were not hampered by restrictions [or] rules

By Polly Pope Hirsch  

No Business Like Show Business

Hollywood and Hip-Hop Discover Charter Schools

Book Alert

Cutting Through the Hype: A Taxpayer’s Guide to School Reforms. Jane L. David and Larry Cuban (Education Week Press). Silver bullets come not here. In this slender, readable volume, veteran educators Jane David (now head of the Bay Area Research Group) and Larry Cuban (emeritus education professor at Stanford) conduct a breakneck tour of almost—but […]

Alerts, Books, Features  

The “Crits” Capture Presidential Power

Top Education researchers denounce scientific research

By Nathan Glazer  

The Triumph of Look-Say

Dumbing-down reading instruction

By Diane Ravitch  

The NCES Private-Public School Study

Findings are other than they seem

By Elena Llaudet and  
Check the Facts  

Judging Money

When courts decide how to spend taxpayer dollars

Charters as a Solution?

So far, states and districts have opted for anything but

By Nelson Smith  

Easy Way Out

“Restructured” usually means little has changed

By Sara Mead  

Preschool Is School, Sometimes

Making early childhood education matter

By Robert C. Pianta  

Learning Facts

The brave new world of data-informed instruction

By Julie Landry Petersen  

The NCLB Restruct-a-tron

Does the law’s great big machine for overhauling schools produce anything worthwhile?

By Education Next  
Forum, No Child Left Behind  

Courtroom Alchemy

Adequacy advocates turn guesstimates into gold

By Matthew G. Springer and  

Games Charter Opponents Play

How local school boards–and their allies–block the competition

By Joe Williams  
Charter Schools and Vouchers, Features  

Affirmative Action Docketed

The Supreme Court takes up race-based school assignment

Misdirected Energy

Schools get an A in resisting reform.

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