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Winter 2009 / Vol. 9, No. 1

Same Old, Same Old

New union leadership does not change a thing

Virtual Schools

Will education technology change the role of the teacher and the nature of learning?

By Terry Moe, Larry Cuban and  
Forum, Technology  

The Big U-Turn

How to bring schools from the brink of doom to stellar success

What Happens When States Have Genuine Alternative Certification?

We get more minority teachers and test scores rise

School Choice International

Higher private school share boosts national test scores

Intellectual Combat

My journey in competitive forensics

By Shawn Briscoe  
School Life  

Linky Love, Snark Attacks, and Fierce Debates about Teacher Quality?

A peek inside the education blogosphere

Team Colors

Film explores racial divide in 1930s America

By David Steiner  

Book Alert

So Much Reform, So Little Change: The Persistence of Failure in Urban Schools Charles M. Payne (Harvard Education Press) Payne, a sociologist at the University of Chicago, here sets out to explain “the sociology of failure” of urban reform. Drawing primarily on his experiences in Chicago, Payne considers the effects of social context, poverty, race, […]

By Education Next  
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Reality Check

Murray's simple truths not so simple

By Peter Wehner  
Books, Features, Reviews  

Purposeful Youth

Is it asking too much?

Language Barriers

Arizonans battle federal court order to spend more

Readers Respond

Front-loading teacher pay; California home schooling; paying students for test scores; academics and discipline; technology education for teachers

By Education Next  

The Home-Schooling Special

Today's choicest choice

Who Gains, Who Loses?

The fiscal impact of the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program

By Robert M. Costrell  
Charter Schools and Vouchers, Features  

Juggling Act

The politics of education science

Home Schooling Goes Mainstream

Everybody knows somebody who is teaching a child at home

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