• A Place of Hope in the Segregated South

    An excerpt from Eric L. Motley’s memoir Madison Park: A Place of Hope

  • The Top 20 Education Next Articles of 2017

    Every December, Education Next releases a list of the most popular articles we published over the course of the year based on readership.

  • An American Perspective on Chinese Schooling

    Michelle Rhee talks with Lenora Chu about her new book, Little Soldiers

  • (Re)Searching for a School

    How Choice Drives Parents to Become More Informed

  • The Power of Teacher Expectations

    How racial bias hinders student attainment

  • Should We Limit “Screen Time” in School?

    Debating the wisest use of technology in the classroom

What We’re Watching: Rural Education in America – Challenges and Promise

On Thursday, December 7, 2017, starting at 9 am, AEI hosts a day-long research conference on rural education.

EdNext Podcast: Later School Start Times for Teens in Boston

Earlier this month, the Boston School Committee announced that it would start high schools later and elementary schools earlier so that teenagers can get the sleep they need. Marty West talks with Finley Edwards, the author of “Do Schools Begin Too Early?” about his findings that later school start times increase student achievement in math and reading and have many other benefits.

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