The Green-Tea Party

By 12/29/2011

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Coming out of a year that has left me ever less enamored of both our major political parties, their polarized and gridlocked behavior on Capitol Hill, their uninspiring candidates and ratty presidential campaigns, not to mention their antics in many a statehouse, I’m ready for a promising, credible third party. You could call me a recovering Democrat (adulthood to about 1980) and increasingly disaffected Republican (the past three decades), the latter made more painful by the fact that the several live Republicans who would make superb presidents are the ones who decided not to run.

Until something better comes along, I’m going to fancy myself a member of the Green-tea Party. Here are its seven tenets, one for each day of the week:

  • Low taxes, efficient government, a balanced budget, a vigorous foreign policy (no more “leading from behind”), and a strong national defense.
  • A full-bore, full-throated war on terrorism, terrorists, pirates and other such menaces, wherever they are.
  • Decent provision for the truly dependent—and no help at all for those who can and should provide for themselves, their families and their neighbors.
  • Decent respect for the environment—I’ve seen those glaciers melt and trash in the ocean—and for conservation of non-renewable resources.
  • Minimal government regulation of just about everything else.
  • That includes governments (and politicians) keeping out of adults’ lives, bedrooms, beliefs, orientations and practices. (Children are another story.)
  • High education standards, plenty of quality school choices and lots more bang for the education buck.

Anybody want to join me? To run on this platform? You might even get more than one vote.

-Chester E. Finn, Jr.

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  • jeffrey miller says:

    What, killing bin Laden, without trial, point-blank, and dumping is body in the ocean not “full-throated” enough for you, eh? Amazing. And what’s with the pox on both their houses false equivalency? Being a Republican you of all people should know that conservatives have actually won–the Democratic Party is far more conservative than ever and the gridlock we have comes from the far, far right in your own pathetic party. And it’s pathetic because you overreached in your political jeremiad against all things good and liberal and now the chickens of extremism have come home to roost.

    If you really understood the green way of doing things, you would treat education like the complex ecosystem it is and rather than try your best to engineer the entire system from on-high with so-called standards and failed attempts at accountability, you’d offer the Finnish plan of well-paid, highly educated teachers and let them do their job and make most of the decisions.

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