What We’re Watching: Teachers Versus the Public

By Education Next 04/28/2014

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The Hoover Institution and PEPG live-streamed a discussion about Teachers Versus the Public: What Americans Think about Schools and How to Fix them, a new book by Paul E. Peterson, Michael Henderson and Martin R. West.

The webcast features Peterson; Chris Cerf, Chief Executive Officer, Amplify Insight; Lily Eskelsen García, Vice President, National Education Association; and Joe Williams, Executive Director, Democrats for Education Reform.

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  • ceemor says:

    This looks like another teacher bashing/spin story. If it’s what the public thinks about schools, why do they use teacher in the title? The description of what the public thinks about schools and how to fix them is not the same as Teachers versus the Public (and I’m dubious of just exactly who this public is…is it my public or the 1%’s public?)

  • Ash87 says:

    Ceemor: The book discusses polling and the researchers were able to ask teachers questions on education policy and compare it to the general public’s answers. The poll data is based upon a nationally representative sample of 1000+ adults and representative oversamples of the following subgroups: public school teachers, parents of school-age children, African Americans, and Hispanics. Respondents could elect to complete the survey in English or Spanish. So nope, its not just asking the 1%

    While the title may seem adversarial to you, its really just a comparison of opinions based on polling data and speculating why these differences might exist.

  • Lee Welter says:

    I am puzzled to see no explanation of why we maintain a very expensive and largely ineffective K-12 monopoly controlled by politicians. Thomas Jefferson warned us: a poorly educated society will not remain free. Slave owners banned education to maintain dependency and subservience. Today Uncle Sam’s Plantation is using similar tactics.

  • Allison McSurely says:

    You’ve got to be kidding. This is not a presentation for helping improve any policy understanding for the benefit of children. This is a progress report for a $ billion volcanoes of garbage campaign toward the ultimate corporate takeover and dumbing death of public education. It’s also not worth your time except for Lily Garcia’s blistering smack down @ 26:27 – 36:35.

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