What Is to Be Done (by the U.S. Department of Education)?

By 08/22/2009

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As the education blogosphere turns its attention from Secretary Duncan’s Race to the Top fund to his Investing in Innovation fund, economist Eric Hanushek offers his take on what federal education policy can and cannot accomplish (and what NCLB got right and how it could be improved) in an interview on John Merrow’s blog.

Hanushek, who is a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution (and a contributor to Education Next), also hints at his own big-picture approach to improving schools, a performance-based funding system. There’s more about that approach in his new book, Schoolhouses, Courthouses, and Statehouses, and in this new EdNext article, Many Schools are Still Inadequate. Now What?

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  • George Mitchell says:

    I was somewhat surprised with the praise offered in this interview as it pertains to “proficiency” standards in state tests as required by NCLB. There seems to be ample evidence that many states have set standards that are quite low.

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