What We’re Watching: Amanda Ripley’s Stand for Children Address

By Education Next 08/14/2013

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Amanda Ripley, author of the brand new book “The Smartest Kids in the World,” spoke  at a Stand for Children event  about how kids are learning in other countries.

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  • Bob Shore says:

    This makes some good points, such as the importance of having consistently high standards, and improving teacher quality and respect.

    The comment about US states being comparable to countries comes across as questionable. Even in a single US state, the range on race, language, income level, and school funding levels makes the comparison rather silly.

    Also, to be honest this all needs to be reconciled with the OECD ranking of child well being in the US vs. these countries. Eg while Poland may overall have much lower incomes than the US, it treats it’s children as well or better, in some important respects. In the US, we allow far more abject, destructive poverty than in these comparable countries.

  • Bob Shore says:

    BTW, it’s very curious the author states that no states are performing at the top level, such as Canada. When in fact, Massachusetts is marked exactly that way.

    Whether that’s precisely true or not, the schools do rate highly there, and it seems odd to make the comment. Perhaps a reluctance to give credit to the Massachusetts model?

  • Bob Shore says:

    Detailed data comparing US states to PISA results:


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