What We’re Watching: How Important Are School Districts?

By Education Next 03/29/2013

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On March 27, Russ Whitehurst and Matthew Chingos presented the findings of a recent study on the relationship between school districts and student achievement at the Brown Center for Education and Policy at Brookings.

Following their presentation, Michelle Rhee of Students First shared insights from her time as schools chancellor for Washington, D.C.

—Education Next

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  • David N. Cox says:

    The problem is not in having districts. The REAL problem is in having BIG districts, that instead of serving the schools, like a smaller district would do, they act as though the schools were there to serve the district. That happens whenever you have big districts, because of the nature of bureaucracies.

    The answer is not to get rid of districts, but to divide them into the right size, which I believe to be one high school and its feeder schools. More information on this can be found at http://www.smallerschools.org.

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