Florida Governor Vetoes School Reform Bill

By 04/12/2010

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  • Mike Hoffman says:

    The magificent gains that you boast of in Florida come mostly from a manipulatin in the FCAT cut scores, and not from any tremendous gains in achievement. About the only real gains Florida can boast of is in primary reading achievement K-3. That mostly came out of Reading First — a reform, granted, but not with punitive measures of school closures and teacher firings.

  • Paul E. Peterson says:

    The gains are on the NAEP, which is not subject to manipulation. Gains on the NAEP are as large as those on the FCAT, when measured in standard deviations.
    They are not limited to 4th grade reading.
    Your statement is wrong from beginning to end.

  • Mike Mathes says:

    How are the 3rd grade scores. Seems they may not be very good if all these kids held back are in the third grade. And how do those kids retained do two and three years later?

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